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Our Story

Some married couples were high school sweethearts or met in college or at work, but not us – we had a bit of a wait! We both prayed for many years for God to bring the right person into our lives. Ten years ago we were introduced and realized instantly that we were meant to be together! We love doing so many things together - bike rides, long walks, cooking, shopping and paint parties!

After our marriage, we were ready to start a family. We haven't been able to conceive on our own, but long to become parents. We feel called to adoption to fulfill this dream. We can't wait for the diaper changes, first steps, arts & crafts, ballet lessons, helping with homework and cheering on at sporting events!

We both grew up in loving and close-knit Greek families headed by wonderful, caring and supportive parents who raised us with deep love, affection and firm discipline. We keep in very close contact with our parents, sibling and cousins. We love sharing the same ethnic traditions and frequent family gatherings -- kind of like those scenes from the movie, "My BIg Fat Greek Wedding" -- filled with laughter, hugs and of course, lots of food!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a 2-story colonial style home in the beautiful suburbs of Pennsylvania, enjoying all of the four seasons. In the summer, we love to swim in our pool and go for bike rides on a nearby trail.
We enjoy traveling, too!
We are fortunate to live in an excellent school district and a wonderful, safe neighborhood where families host social events throughout the year. We are blessed with top-notch community hospitals and many private colleges.
We have an affectionate, indoor Maine Coon cat that lets us dress him up occasionally for a photo!

About My Husband John

adoptive family photo - My Husband John John has his own insurance agency in town and truly loves helping people! He has a big heart and is a great listener. He's very sweet, gentle and caring. As busy as he is, John does so many “little things” to show he cares and make my life easier-- like making breakfast, filling my gas tank, or putting away a basket of laundry! He helps out in the kitchen and I love him for cleaning up all of the pots & pans that I dirty! John has the best outlook on life ever since he had a motorcycle accident in his youth that nearly cost him his life. He truly appreciates
how precious life is and helps me keep things in perspective when I get stressed out – plus he
makes me laugh, smile and gives great hugs! He's my soul mate, my best friend and he'll be a GREAT father – can you tell I'm crazy about him?

About My Wife Christina

adoptive family photo - My Wife Christina Christina is a very talented dentist who loves taking care of her patients, but who is very traditional in terms of life at home - she loves cooking, baking and taking care of our home.
As fulfilling as her professional life is, she longs to be a mommy. Christina was extremely close to her late mother and is eager to teach our child our Greek traditions - our faith, cooking and baking pastries like baklava!
She is super smart, has lots of energy, loves reading about health & nutrition, knits, and cooks with organic ingredients. She can't wait to read to our child and help with homework. I love that we enjoy watching football games together and still hold each other's hands. She's my soul mate, best friend, and the love of my life!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


John & Christina

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John & Christina