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Our Story

One could say it was a “love at first sight” experience and we believe that a deeper soul-to-soul connection took place knowing there was a greater purpose for why we came together. Despite the many obvious differences that existed between us, the ease and flow of sharing and communicating with each other, the non-stop laughter and the discovery of how much we actually had in common all affirmed we were “it” for each other. And it has been a blessing.

Tami is a Jewish girl from New York, a global jet setter, has a very diverse community of family and friends and is committed to making the world a better place. Goldry is a country-living mechanic from Boulder, Colorado and is known by his community and peers as someone who is always willing to lend a helping hand. We share a love that is genuine and an indescribable bond that is based on mutual respect and honoring of who we are as individuals, who we are as a couple and who we will be as parents.

We knew right away we wanted to create our own family together and we would be the best parents ever. Between Tami’s natural mothering abilities and Goldry’s playful and hardworking spirit, we would rock as mom and dad. It didn’t take long before we conceived our first child and 13 weeks into the pregnancy we experienced our first miscarriage. Despite the loss and sadness it strengthened us as a couple. We learned that due to Tami’s age the quality of her eggs had diminished and conceiving naturally would be very difficult so we decided to do a round of fertility treatment that led to a 2nd miscarriage.

We had both always thought of adopting one day and it was actually one of the things that we realized we had in common. It became clear after the two miscarriages our path to becoming parents was being chosen for us and adoption was the way we would create our own family.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in the beautiful Pacific North West just north of Seattle Washington. We are surrounded by mountains, trees, stillaguamish river, a park and lots of children in the community...... and yet we are just a quick drive away from the city.... The best of both worlds!

Our home is our sacred space. You walk in and it has a warm, inviting, nurturing feel decorated with art and people's creations from around the globe. We have a super big back yard where our dog Jack loves to run and play and our chickens have a deluxe coop!

Goldry has a shop on the property where he can often be found building or creating and making something. We call it his happy place!

It is a beautiful spot to raise a child.

About Tami

adoptive family photo - Tami Tami was born and raised in New York but spent many years living in the West Coast and a number of countries primarily in Southern/Eastern Africa and South Asia. She comes from a close family and has a special bond with both of her brothers and healthy strong relationships with her immediate family. Although her family is spread out around the country she always makes time to travel to NY, Florida, California and Hawaii to make sure quality family time can happen and has an abundant and diverse community of friends! She is a Social Worker by background and is currently in the role of Vice President of Equity, Advancement and Global Engagement for the YMCA.

Tami has always known she was born to be a mother and it is evident by the professional path she chose. She has spent the past 25+ years dedicating her life to children and youth around the globe and many will say she has already been a mother to many. The impact she has had inspired a dear friend and former colleague in Kenya, Africa to name her daughter after her so that she would never forget Tami and 18 years later Tami has been a huge part of her namesake’s life by helping to raise her in ways she could from afar. The deep desire for motherhood fills each waking day.

And here is what Goldry says about Tami:
My wife is loving in every way. She always has others in mind and is a true nurturer. She always has my back and is my greatest champion. She has a wonderful spirit and I know she will make the best mom ever. I am inspired by her commitment for humanity and I am honored to be her husband. I appreciate what a worldly, wonderful, responsible and beautiful woman she is. It’s incredible to find someone that shares the many things that are meaningful to me, spending time in the yard, creating fun little projects, skiing on Mt. Baker and watching the history and discovery channels. I love my wife very much and can’t wait to raise our child together.

About Goldry

adoptive family photo - Goldry Goldry was born in the mountains of Bolder Colorado and moved to the Pacific North West when he was 14. Washington has been his home for the past 32 years. He comes from a family of super talented artists and has an amazing creative side and can often be found in some cool project! He has a brother who he is very close to and shares a special bond and has wonderful relationships with his immediate family and is the best uncle ever! Fortunately his mom and step dad and aunt live close by so Goldry and Tami see them often and they are excited to know their child will have a grandma near by! Goldry has spent years working as a foreman and mechanic for John Deere and is the one on the team who everyone turns to with the hardest projects or when they need some help. Goldry has an incredible community of friends and are more like a brotherhood. Many of them are in various trade industries and often can be found helping each other out when things need to be fixed, build or worked on. Goldry loves the outdoors and is incredible with his hands. A true handyman at that! One of his passions is welding and spends lots of time on projects making beautiful pieces of art.

Goldry has a stepson, Josh, who was born with cerebral palsy. Goldry helped raise Josh since he was 2 (now 24). Goldry believes that raising a child with disabilities strengthened who he is as a person and raising Josh was a major life teacher. Goldry and Josh continue to share a very special connection and a relationship that they both nourish every day. He is known to all our friends kids as “uncle Gold” and is often told he is their favorite! Goldry often talks about and shares his excitement to become a new dad again and how much he looks forward to sharing his appreciation and love for nature and art, working with one’s hands, building and making things. He too can’t wait to meet our future child and grow our family.

And here is what Tami has to say about Goldry:

My husband is amazing and the way he loves me is a gift. When friends first started to meet him the most common words used to describe him were open, genuine and loving. He is a simple man who grounds me. He is super talented and great with his hands. He can fix just about everything and I love to watch his creative juices flow when he starts building or making something. His name is so fitting cause he has the biggest heart of gold. He has an incredible brotherhood of friends who have each other’s backs in ways you don’t often see amongst men. He is hard working and one of the most supportive people I know. And one of the things I love about him is his playful spirit. Life with him the best. I couldn’t ask for a better partner and I couldn’t ask for a more special man to be the father of our child.

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