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Tami & Goldry
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In our home we laugh a lot, hug often, play regularly, honor and respect each other and above all we love!

Dear Birthparent(s),

We want to begin with expressing our deep gratitude to you for taking the time to read and review our profile and getting to know us a little better as you make a very critical and important life decision to choose your adoptive family.

We honor your courage and strength and know that if you choose us, your child will be raised with an abundance of love, safety, joy, security and opportunity.

We have each traveled a long incredible road in life, one that has been filled with moments of the extraordinary to moments of challenges and sorrow, and it is each of these moments that have made us into the loving, conscious, giving and dedicated people we are today. We waited a long time to find each other and the day we did was the day a whole new life journey began to take place.

Now we are so ready for our journey to lead us to become a mom and dad and fill our home with the joy and yumminess of a child. The opportunity to be chosen to raise your child would be the biggest gift and blessing to us. Our child will grow up in a home and environment where we laugh a lot, hug often, play regularly, honor and respect each other and above all we love!

We promise to love, honor and cherish your birth child and you as the birth parent(s). Our hope is to move forward with the adoption through openness and commit to creating a plan that works for all. It is also our commitment to raise our child connected to your family heritage as they share in ours. Our child will be raised with a strong sense of family and community and will live a full and rich life filled with adventures and life-fulfilling experiences. We will raise healthy, grounded, loving, responsible and compassionate children just like their adoptive parents!

We thank you for taking this courageous step and for giving us the opportunity to fulfill our life-long dreams of becoming parents together. Your decision will be the biggest gift to our lives. Please know how special we believe you are.

We would love to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Thank you for believing in us!

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Who We Are

One could say it was a “love at first sight” experience and we believe that a deeper soul-to-soul connection took place knowing there was a greater purpose for why we came together. Despite the many obvious differences that existed between us, the ease and flow of sharing and communicating with each other, the non-stop laughter and the discovery of how much we actually had in common all affirmed we were “it” for each other. And it has been a blessing.

Tami is a Jewish girl from New York, a global jet setter, has a very diverse community of family and friends and is committed to making the world a better place. Goldry is a country-living mechanic from Boulder, Colorado and is known by his community and peers as someone who is always willing to lend a helping hand. We share a love that is genuine and an indescribable bond that is based on mutual respect and honoring of who we are as individuals, who we are as a couple and who we will be as parents.

We knew right away we wanted to create our own family together and we would be the best parents ever. Between Tami’s natural mothering abilities and Goldry’s playful and hardworking spirit, we would rock as mom and dad. It didn’t take long before we conceived our first child and 13 weeks into the pregnancy we experienced our first miscarriage. Despite the loss and sadness it strengthened us as a couple. We learned that due to Tami’s age the quality of her eggs had diminished and conceiving naturally would be very difficult so we decided to do a round of fertility treatment that led to a 2nd miscarriage.

We had both always thought of adopting one day and it was actually one of the things that we realized we had in common. It became clear after the two miscarriages our path to becoming parents was being chosen for us and adoption was the way we would create our own family.

Adoption Diary

Our Trip to Hawaii

We just got back from a wonderful week on the Island of Maui.  It is where Tami has some of her family and friends of close to 30 years.  it is a place Tami has traveled to for years and this was the first time Goldry visited Maui.  And we had a blast…...  It was wonderful to be with family and friends… time for connection, laughter, story telling, and we got to celebrate Tami’s birthday! 

Hawaii is such a beautiful and healing environment.  The fresh ocean air, warm temperatures, sunshine and beautiful tropical rains.  We had time to enjoy family, relax by the beach and get lost in some good books, exploring parts of the island, swimming, paddle boarding, hiking and lots of good food.

It is one of the places we can not wait to bring our child to and will be one of the first stops once baby is finally home.

A sweet weekend to share….

We hope the entries to our adoption diary shares a bit of insight into who we are and the life we live…..

This was a great weekend for us and after days of a lot of rain the sun was shining bright despite the winter chill in the air!  Saturday Tami hit a yoga class in the morning and then went with a dear friend and Jack for a beautiful hike to Boulder falls which is literally about 30/40 minutes from our home, while Goldry went to his mom and step dads house to pick up the Range Rover they gifted us!  It is the perfect family car all ready to put the baby seat into along with our Honda CRV! 

Then today we hit the slopes once again.  Today the mountain was filled with children and parents teaching their children to ski and we kept saying how we can’t wait for that to be us. 

We got home and took Jack down to the river where he loves to run around and play in the sand and now home to relax for the rest of the night and get ready for the work week.  Good times had by all!  Can’t wait to share our lives with our child.  A full life they will have!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Tami & Goldry

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Tami & Goldry