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Joey does a lot of gardening work around our house and makes it so beautiful! We recently planted a new tree- looking forward to watching it grow and bloom in the years to come! Read more »

Construction site

One fun activity for us is constructing buildings with magnetic tiles. Today Joey and our daughter are building a castle! We love playing and relaxing together after dinner. Read more »


We are thankful for our parents! Their joy and presence and support in our lives means so much to us and we are truly grateful! Read more »

Christmas tree

Ready to pick a tree and decorate! We love this time of year and the traditions we are creating for our family. Playing Christmas music while we decorate, hanging wreathes on our door and fence and putting lights around our house! Thankful for this time together. Read more »

Christmas parade

We love making new memories with our daughter- at a Christmas parade today! We look forward to sharing these traditions with another little one too! Read more »

Time to rest

It is so wonderful to get away occasionally for a restful break. We are enjoying sunshine and palm trees! Read more »

Baking together

We value spending time together and making new recipes! Here we are making some pumpkin muffins and our daughter helping mix the batter. Read more »

Celebrating Nana’s birthday

Had a fun outing with Emilie’s family, to a beautiful park overlooking the ocean. We had a picnic lunch and cupcakes to celebrate Emilie’s mom’s birthday! Read more »

We love libraries!

Visiting our local library was a fun adventure for all of us! Our daughter loved checking out the books and we are excited to read many new ones to her. Often we read books to her during breakfast, throughout the day for some quieter activity and also before bed. So many good children’s stories to share with our daughter Read more »

Building and fixing things

Joey loves teaching our daughter—and here they are putting together and easel that Joey built for her. I love seeing how Joey so patiently lets her help! Read more »

Puddle jumping!

During a rainy day we often go outside to jump and run in puddles in the neighborhood! Pure joy for kids! Read more »

Exploring new places

Wherever we go, we try to find new places to explore, that are interesting to our daughter and to us. This week we visited Joey’s family in Oklahoma and found a children’s garden that had tons of interactive attractions. It was a beautiful garden in the middle of the city! Read more »

Family time with grandparents

We love spending time with family at home and going on adventures together. We recently visited Joey’s parents and our daughter had a fabulous time with them! They cooked together, read books, played outside and gardened. We look forward to expanding our family and continuing these activities with a little sister or Read more »

Evening playground visits

After dinner we like to walk over to the local playground to enjoy the long summer days. We usually meet old and new friends each time we go and love that there are so many families to get to know in our neighborhood. Read more »

Relaxing getaway

There are so many places close by to drive and enjoy a few days of total relaxation. We are lucky that some beautiful beaches are nearby and great for kids! Our daughter is having a blast playing and running in the sand and water. At low tide you can walk almost a mile on the beach and through wading pools before reaching the Read more »

Snowy day!

A big storm dumped several inches of snow… and it was beautiful! We enjoyed building snowmen and playing outside! The next day was gorgeous blue skies - this is my favorite part of winter! Read more »

Road trip to see Portland and a lighthouse!

This weekend we set off to see a cute seaside town and then when we arrived our daughter was peacefully napping…. so, we decided to go on a longer drive! We ended up in Portland Maine and enjoyed an afternoon of exploring, visiting a lighthouse and taking in the beautiful views of the water. It was SO cold but worth Read more »

Things don’t always go as planned!

We took this picture right before heading out on a small hike in Massachusetts. About 15 minutes into the hike it started to rain so hard! Our daughter thought we had all taken a bath :) It wasn’t how we had planned the afternoon but it was a fun adventure and we had a lot of laughs jogging back to the car! We dried off Read more »

Thinking about warmer weather

Looking back to summertime adventures and looking forward to it being warm again! This is us during a long weekend in Vermont this summer. It was so beautiful and a lovely change of scenery! Read more »

Walks in the neighborhood

Especially this year when we stayed closer to home, we took daily walks in the neighborhood. Usually our daughter leads the way and decides on the route. It’s a real gift to be able to slow down and explore together! Read more »

Building together

Joey and our daughter building a tricycle! Joey likes to teach Lucy how to build and fix everything. She likes to turn the screw driver and help in any way she can. We think letting her help gives her confidence and we love seeing her focus and try hard as she learns how to do something new. Read more »


We’ve been having occasional warmer weather and so we put our hiking boots on and our daughter rides along in the hiking backpack. She likes to sing and point out things she sees along the walk. Fresh air feels so good! This year when we haven’t been able to travel, we’ve been exploring a lot of local Read more »

Christmas lights

We love to enjoy local adventures including a trip to a beautiful display of Christmas lights! Our daughter was amazed and so were we! Read more »

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