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Brett and I met a long time ago in Junior High School. Brett would tell you that he was in love right away, but I never really thought of him that way. We went on ONE date in high school and he didn’t even try to kiss me! Eventually Brett left the country for a couple years to serve a mission for our church, this is when it really started clicking for me. We emailed a ton! And I fell completely in love with him. We were married shortly after he came home on May 28th, 2008.

While we were dating and getting to know one another we found out that we had an amazing and special thing in common, adoption, AND a family connection to the African-American community. Brett’s oldest sister was adopted and eventually married an African-American man, and my cousin is also adopted and is African-American. We are lucky to have trans-racial family on both sides, so if we are blessed to be placed with an African-American baby, your baby will be exposed to African-American culture, and are excited to teach them about their heritage. Paige's cousin has taught her how to wash, and style African-American hair, as well as tips for hair products and skin care.

Brett and I love to get out on dates as often as possible. We love to see movies and eat at our favorite restaurants. We love to watch Netflix together after the kids are in bed. We also love doing things as a family, including spending time with our extended families, We see them each 3 to 4 times a month. We love spending time with our two biological children as well. Our daughter and Brett love to cuddle and watch movies together, they call each other "cuddle buddies". We also have a science channel on YouTube for kids where we do experiments with our son. The channel is called AusomeAidynTV.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Look at our beautiful home! We moved here in 2014 and have loved the proximity to parks, there are 4 within walking distance, and our families. Both sets of grandparents live within 10 minutes of us! Can you believe it? There is lots of space for toys and playing games, and we even have a small backyard where kids can play and build snowmen in the winter. We try to keep a small garden back there too, but our thumbs couldn’t be less green. Our vegetables never seem to do too well.

About Brett

adoptive family photo - Brett I am the youngest of 6 kids, and the only boy! My sisters will tell you I was spoiled but they are dead wrong! My parents have 23 grandchildren and counting, I can barely remember all their names.
I graduated college with a bachelor’s in information systems in the winter of 2013. I currently work as Service Desk Supervisor, you know fixing people’s computers and other nerdy stuff.
Sometimes it is hard to decide what I want to do during my free time, I have so many hobbies. I love video games; my favorite has to be the Mass Effect series. I play on the Xbox One as well as my decked-out computer that I built myself. I also love playing Dungeons and Dragons! I am the Dungeon Master for a group with Paige’s family. I love coming up with exciting stories and puzzles for them to figure out as well as staging epic battles with mythological creatures. I also build terrains out of foam that we use to play on. I love working with my hands and have been learning how to build things and work with wood from my dad. I have made several things for our house including our dinner table, complete with bench, a sunken shelf, a bow board for the girl’s room to store bows, and many other things. I also really enjoy filming and editing videos for our YouTube channel.
From Paige: Brett is a loving husband and father. He loves to play games with the kids, including Pokémon, and cuddle with them on the couch to watch shows

About Paige

adoptive family photo - Paige I am the second oldest of 4 girls. After high school, I studied Massage Therapy, and then worked giving massages for 6 years, until I was able to fulfill my true passion as a stay at home mom.
Something I like to do in my free time is coloring in some grown up coloring books, and they look pretty good if I do say so myself, check some out in our pictures. I like to watch scary thriller movies, as well as TV documentaries about serial killers, prison life, and unsolved mysteries! I also like the typical chick flick and happy TV shows like Friends, American Housewife, Parks and Rec and more!
I subscribe to a detective game called Hunt A Killer. Every month a new box comes to our house and I have to decode things, find clues and try to figure out who died and who was the murderer! It's a lot of fun. Brett likes to get in on the fun too.
From Brett: Paige loves to have fun by dancing and joking around with me and the kids. She likes to make sure we get out of the house and do things together as a family. She will never own up to it, but she is incredibly talented at playing the piano and singing. She has an amazing angelic voice, if you can get her to come out of her shell long enough to share it.

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Brett & Paige

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