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Berg and Sue


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Our Story

Berg and Sue met in Colorado through longtime mutual friends. We often wonder why it took us so long to meet, but when we were finally introduced, we immediately took a liking to each other. We got married three years later in a small ceremony surrounded by close friends and our family. We always knew that we wanted to be parents. After struggling with infertility for several years, we chose open adoption instead of pursuing fertility treatments. When we started the open adoption process, we knew it was meant to be. Soren was born in 2014 and we feel so incredibly blessed to be his parents! We love our little family and look so forward to sharing our love with another child.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We love our home in the mountains and feel fortunate every day for the beauty that surrounds us. We live in a quiet mountain community where everyone lives off of solar power. Behind our house is a mountain wilderness and in front of us is a beautiful lake. We live in a tight knit community of friendly neighbors and kids of all ages for Soren to play with. We feel like we live in a big playground! We like to paddle board and boat on the lake in the summer. In the winter we love to play in the snow and go sledding.

We try to live as simply and organically as possible. We enjoy all modern conveniences, but our home is off grid and powered by the sun.

Berg's business allows him to work from home, or anywhere there is an internet connection. This allows us freedom and flexibility in our lives. We have achieved a great balance in our lives between work, family and play. This allows us plenty of time to raise our children together without the need for daycare.

About Berg

adoptive family photo - Berg A little about Berg....
written by Sue

Berg is am amazing father and husband. He loves adventure and lives life to the fullest. Berg loves to snowboard in the winter. In the summer he loves to be on the lake boating and paddle boarding. He also loves to cruise down mountains on his mountain bike. Berg works from home, which enables him to spend time with his family everyday. He is an entrepreneur and has built a very successful business that allows our family to live a beautiful life. Berg and Soren love to play and laugh and learn together. They often go out on the deck before bed to talk about the planets and stars. Hearing them laugh and play together makes me smile every day. I am so fortunate to have such a loving and supportive husband to share my life with. He brings so much love and laughter into our home.

About Sue

adoptive family photo - Sue A little about Sue...
written by Berg

Sue is the kind of person you meet and just instantly fall in love with. She makes everyone around her feel happy and peaceful. I love being with her because we make new friends everywhere we go. She's adventurous and loves to see and do new things.

She's also an incredibly kind and patient mother. Raising a toddler can be challenging, but she's always up to the challenge. She is doing an amazing job raising Soren to be a kind, respectful, independent child.

Sue cares for our family in a way no one else could. We always have her warm and loving presence to make us feel comfortable. We always have healthy, delicious food to eat. And when we need a little extra help if we are sick or tired, she's always there with a little extra TLC. She's the best mom and wife I know and I can't wait to grow our family with her and Soren.

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Berg and Sue

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Berg and Sue