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Thom & Rachel


Thom & Rachel
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Loving couple searching for our future

We are excited to start raising a child together. We can't wait to take our child for hikes in state parks, have picnics, catch lightning bugs, and go to museums together. We are excited to read stories at bedtime, make up stories on long car rides, throw big birthday parties, watch Pixar movies, and clean up finger paints. We are excited for the good things, but we are ready for the tough things too. Ready to kiss boo-boos, ready to wipe away tears, ready to be firm when necessary. Good or bad, we are ready to take it on.
We believe that the family is the foundation of good values. We each grew up in families that focused on values by living them. Eating dinner together and spending time together was how we learned about the importance of family. Reading and getting our homework done was how we learned about the importance of education. We have learned from our families and from our own experiences the importance of inclusion and helping others who have less than ourselves. We are committed to teaching our child that they are loved, no matter what, and that other people are equally deserving of love, no matter who they are. We will also strive to help our child to develop a positive idea about their own adoption story, a part of their life that makes them special.

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Who We Are

Like many people these days, we met through the internet. On our first date, we knew it was a good match because we spent six hours together at the coffee shop! Thom even let Rachel teach him how to make a paper crane. We went out to dinner, went to the art museum, and started to meet each other's friends and family. When Rachel was planning to move about a year after we met, we decided that Thom would come too! We soon got engaged, and a year after that we got married. We have been hoping to complete our family with children for a long time now. In the meantime, we work hard and have a lot of fun. On weekends during the warmer months, we like to go for long hikes followed by ice cream from a local creamery. We like spending time with friends and really enjoy having a bunch of people over to eat a big meal together. We approach the world as a team, whether it's taking care of the house, figuring out how to work through the adoption process, or deciding what to watch on television tonight.

Adoption Diary

Seeing the family - and a trip to the Zoo!

Thom and I celebrate holidays with both of our families. Last week, we visited Rachel’s mother for Passover, and celebrated the seder together. Mom started making a book for us to use with our own family traditions, with plans for Thom to illustrate it!
We flew in early to spend time with Mom, and we ended up going to the zoo. The baby elephant and giraffes were definitely a highlight of the visit! We saw a ton of babies there, and can’t wait to bring our whole family with us to the zoo!

A little help from our friends!

We posted our profile to Facebook recently, and were pleased to get so much support and love from our friends. Several of them reposted it, and in doing so said kind things about us. Here are some of the things that they said:

“Two very dear friends are going through the adoption process and looking for a sweet baby to love and cherish! They are amazing, artistic, intelligent, thoughtful, loving people that will show a baby all the love in the world. I cannot imagine finding more caring and generous people to open their hearts, homes, and lives to a new baby.”
-      One of Rachel’s BFFs in SC

“Two of the coolest, kindest, funnest, and most generous people I know are going through the adoption process and looking for a little one to share their lives, love, and home with. They will be the best parents when a baby finds them.”
-      One of Rachel’s BFFs in SC

“These will be the best parents EVER!”
-      A great friend of ours who is an amazing parent herself in SC

“I couldn’t think of two better people to give a child a loving home and supportive family.”
-      A lovely friend from pinball league, MD

“My friends want a baby. Can you help my friends find a baby? They will be such good parents, and make their baby so many lovely knitted sweaters and socks and toys.”
-      Rachel’s former roommate, who is very silly and has two adorable kids of her own who recently received knitted toys, PA

“My baby brother and his wife are hopeful adoptive parents. They are pretty cute!”
-      You guessed it, Thom’s sister, SC

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Thom & Rachel

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Thom & Rachel