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Stephen and Kristian


Stephen and Kristian
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Our home is full of joy, laughter, and love! We are eager to share all of our love as we continue to grow our family!!

Hi!! We are Stephen and Kristian, loving married couple and parents to three beautiful children! We have always wanted a big, joy-filled family, and felt that God was leading us to pursue that through adoption. We are so excited to welcome our newest addition with open, loving arms! Our home is full of love and laughter and we just can not wait to share that! We believe that adoption is a very hard, selfless and beautiful choice that should be deeply admired. We hope that we can provide peace and comfort to you during this difficult decision, by insuring that your child will be deeply loved by us and our entire family. We are surrounded by amazing friends and family and have an awesome support system! We will raise your child with love, comfort, honesty, integrity and lifetime of amazing experiences. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile. We are available to talk via phone, text or email anytime day or night if you are interested in talking to us! Thank you so much, and God Bless!


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Who We Are

Stephen and I met 11 years ago. We were friends first, then best friends, then inseparable. We met when I (Kristian) worked as a receptionist at an office that Stephen delivered to, as a Fed Ex delivery man.We have a very close and loving marriage. We support eachother in everything we do and are a very strong team. God is first and foremost in our marriage and our family. We are very open and accepting people that love Jesus with all our hearts and we love to share the word of God and Jesus' love with our children and family and friends!

We have three amazing children together and we enjoy every minute of raising them together! Our children are loving and funny and adventurous. Gracie is our oldest, she is seven, Charlotte is four, and Michael is two. They have a very close bond with eachother and with Stephen and myself. All three of our children can not wait to have another baby sibling and they are beyond excited!

We decided to start our own business together four years ago and it has been such a blessing to our family as it has allowed for us both to be big, active participants in our children's lives. We enjoy doing everything as a family and are a very close knit family.

We enjoy vacationing to visit family and outdoor fun, as a family. We love big family get togethers. We also enjoy watching our children in their extra curricular activities. Gracie is in soccer and loves it, and her brother and sister love to cheer her on at practice and games and run around the field playing! Charlotte is in dance and we all enjoy her recitals.. We love our church and the kids love their Sunday classes.. Every Friday night, we have family-fun night.. it consists of a family movie, a board game (or two,) pizza, staying up late and lots of snuggles and laughter.. I think Friday is everyone's favorite night in the Richardson house.

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When you are so filled with the excitement of adding to your family, it is sometimes hard to stay patient. I received the words I so desperately needed to hear today from one of my all time favorite human beings, ever. My sweet aunt called and reminded me that God works everything in his time, being patient, waiting and not trying to take control, enables him to provide the biggest blessings. God always gives you a message at exactly the right time. We are trusting in him through this process and in all aspects of life. So grateful for this reminder today <3

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Stephen and Kristian

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Stephen and Kristian