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Evan & Michael
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... that's us!

You know that couple who everyone says will make great parents someday? That's us.

We are Evan and Michael, and we will be devoted parents. We have boundless love to give, a nurturing home ready and waiting, and abundant resources. We will describe how awesome we are and fill you in on the wonderful life we can offer your baby on the following pages.

But this is about what's best for your baby. And that starts with you.

We can't imagine the thoughts going through your mind as you sift through profiles of all these great couples who want to become parents. We don't know what your life is like, what led you to this point, or what you're looking for. All we know is that if you are reading this, you are faced with an extraordinary decision. Whatever life circumstances led you to this point, you are here, now, reading our profile, hoping to provide your baby with a loving home and all the opportunity life has to offer. That takes courage. And that takes strength.

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Who We Are

We met five years ago, through Match.com of all places. Our connection was immediate and powerful.

We were both fully baked adults with a lot of life experience when we met. We knew what we wanted out of a relationship and out of life, and we clicked immediately.

We got married in August of 2015, on a boat under the Statue of Liberty at sundown. Michael's sister in law performed the ceremony, and our nieces and nephews read from the Supreme Court ruling that had just legalized gay marriage. It was poignant, and it was spectacular (pictures available on request!).

As gay men, having kids didn't always seem possible. Coming out of the closet meant giving up on kids, on marriage, and on the house with a white picket fence. And that's what we both did. We have both wanted to be parents our whole life, but we both chose not to live in the closet, or to live a charade.

Both of us grew up in traditional, stable homes, with parents in committed relationships, in houses with backyards in nice neighborhoods. We couldn't picture having kids any other way, and that way of life was not an option.

Until now.

The barriers to marriage and adoption in society have all but disappeared, especially in our neck of the woods. A growing number of our gay friends are married, and many of our friends, both gay and straight, have adopted. We have been blessed to be part of their lives and their expanding families.

We are now legally married, and we own a great home. We can raise a child openly here and now, in a place where she or he will be loved and accepted by our families and in our community.
We are now ready and excited to become parents.

Adoption Diary

Summer 2018

We adopted Juno from a local rescue group in early June! She’s getting longer every day and we now think she may be part great dane. Whatever she is, she’s a total love bug and she’s getting along well with her big sister Harley. We’ve been barbecuing out back almost every night, and we’re planning a trip up to Provincetown in August.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Evan & Michael

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Evan & Michael