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Our Story

After knowing each other since 2008, we were married in 2014. We were honored to have our large supportive family and many, many friends join us to celebrate our special day. We are ready for our next adventure into parenthood! Our family and friends are very supportive and excited about our plans to adopt!
We also like to play tennis and golf. As a matter of fact, we joined a country club nearby our home. There is so much to do there - play golf or tennis, swim, work out at their fitness facility, plus it offers a lot of family and social events.

Things we love to do together:
Anything that keeps us active, spending time outside, traveling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

We also have a dog named Ellie and two cats named Winston and Kallie. We love our pets as if they were our children. Ellie (a.k.a. “Boo”) is lovable. She loves to greet friends with licks and love! Winston, the larger of the two cats, is the king of the house and is lazy. He loves to lounge on the back of the couch, a chair, or even your shoulder. Kallie, our petite cat, is energetic and loves to run around the house and play. All three of them love to play with anyone who will play with them.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our community nestles against the country club [we belong to] and is close to many parks, shopping, great schools, and public venues. We picked our neighborhood for its quality of living. For instance, there are outdoor trails for walking and biking; access to many recreational activities; it is located a reasonable distance between our work locations; and, it has an excellent school system - our child will attend a high-performing elementary school.

Our home is very spacious, warm, and inviting. We have plenty of room to welcome and raise a child. We also have an additional guest bedroom for our parents to come visit. Jeremy's Mom recently retired and she's been invited to visit anytime; Mike's parents have already told us that we'll be seeing even more of them!

Of all the rooms in our home, the dining room is probably the most special place to us. This is because we have hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas, and several birthday dinners here. It is also home to a piece of furniture that has been in Mike's family since the 1960s - it is a beautiful hardwood buffet that Mike's grandmother gave to him.

About Mike

adoptive family photo - Mike I was born and raised in Northern Virginia by my loving parents. I was a very happy child with supportive and involved parents and had an exceptional childhood. My parents raised me as a team, which Jeremy and I intend to do with our child. My Mom raised me in a more emotional capacity, while my Dad provided real-life guidance based on his life experiences. Being the oldest of three brothers, I was, and still am, very supportive of my brothers in everything they wanted in life. I have inherited some of my Dad's traits; so naturally, I provided my brothers with some good advice.

My childhood was filled with sports, playing with friends in the neighborhood, riding bikes, and just having fun. Sports, such as soccer and baseball, were my passion. I know Jeremy and I will encourage our child to pursue his/her passions, whatever those may be.

Being in a loving and caring family has led me to the same in my relationship with my husband. Love, humor, and respect is what I bring into our marriage, which I know will be just some of the traits we will pass along to our child.

About Jeremy

adoptive family photo - Jeremy I was born in Michigan and raised by my Mother. I had a great childhood and was very close to my grandparents and my aunts and uncles. To this day, I have maintained a close relationship with my family.

Unlike Mike, I wasn't gifted (at all) with sports. Instead, I spent time in after school activities like drama club and learned to play the piano. I hope to teach the piano to our child someday along with the joy that music brings to one's life.
After college, I moved to Virginia as I had both a job opportunity and graduate school acceptance. I worked while going to graduate school. The highlight of moving to and living in Virginia, besides the job opportunities and furthering my education, was meeting Mike. I am happy to be in a loving marriage with him. We work well together; we have a whole lot of respect, love, and humor between us. We look forward to sharing that with our child soon.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Mike & Jeremy

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Mike & Jeremy