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My Story

I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida as part of a close-knit family consisting of my mom, dad, two younger brothers, and younger sister. Growing up, we would spend tons of time outside at the beach, playing sports and making up games to play in the yard. Being the oldest of four children, I was usually in charge when my parents were out so I spent a lot of time entertaining and preoccupying my younger siblings. We are all grown up now but still love to spend time together and fortunately we all still live in Jacksonville. My wonderful, loving and supportive family are all so excited to welcome our newest member. My mom lives around the corner and is counting on daily Grandma time. She is already making room at the table for a high chair at “Sunday Family Supper” and has even started planning our first trip to Disney World! My dad builds cars and is excited to take his grandbaby for joyrides around town. My brothers are ready for all sorts of outdoor adventures and my sisters can’t wait to be Aunties. They have already started designing the nursery!
I have always enjoyed school and learning new things. I graduated from college with a BA in psychology and have a Masters in Social Work. I love being a social worker in Child Protective Services. I manage a program where we work with families who have children at risk for abuse or neglect. Our mission is to provide services to these families to keep them together in a safe environment. I am fortunate that my job allows a very flexible schedule so I will be able to attend all of my child’s school and extracurricular activities. I am eager to go on field trips and help with homework in the evenings. I also can’t wait to see which kinds of activities my child will enjoy. We might spend evenings at the baseball park, go to dance recitals or maybe just have a movie night at home.

My Home

Jacksonville, Florida is a great place to live! There are lots of family friendly places I look forward to taking my child. I live close to the beach and can picture us playing in the waves and making sand castles. We will have fun going to the museum, the zoo and Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp baseball games. I also look forward to attending one of the many children’s shows that come into town and hearing my child tell me about their favorite part!

I own a cozy home in a nice and safe neighborhood. My mom live down the street and there are lots of children around so there will always be someone to play with. I can picture my child on a swing in the oak tree in the front yard and can see us picking our oranges and limes to make yummy treats!

About Jennifer

adoptive family photo - Jennifer I enjoy creative projects, especially baking and decorating cakes and cookies. I can’t wait to bake our family’s holiday treats with my child for the first time. I also enjoy many outdoor activities including gardening, hiking, kayaking and walking my dog, Ollie. Ollie is a 5 year old rescue dog and he is going to love taking walks with his new best friend!
I also love to travel and explore new places! I have been very fortunate to be able to take trips all over the world, but one of my favorite places to go is the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. I can’t wait for my child to see the view from the top of a mountain or catch fish in the creek.

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Jennifer W

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Jennifer W