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Chris & Cassie
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We are avid readers, sports enthusiasts, movie watchers, game players, churchgoers, decorators, and family people.

We appreciate the difficult decision it is to place your baby for adoption. It takes courage, determination, and love for your child to even consider doing this. In addition, you are putting trust in a couple that you have never met, but know that we think about and pray for you in this difficult decision-making process. Though separate, we are united in a common goal: the well-being, security, potential, and happiness of your child.

We seek to have an open adoption, because we believe you are an important person in this baby's life and we hope that you are able to still occupy a place in his or her heart. We are willing to explore this relationship in a way for you to be comfortable and to interact with your child.

For us, the choice to explore adoption did not come easily, much like your decision to place your child for adoption. We started our marriage knowing that Cassie had lupus, which is an autoimmune disease. It is not curable and it affects each person in different ways. As we have always wanted to be parents, she had to work with her doctor to get her disease levels down, all in preparation to be healthy enough to conceive a child. In late 2012, Cassie was medically cleared to become pregnant. We were naturally overjoyed! Unfortunately, as fate would have it, a few months later Cassie had several strokes and lost the baby. This caused much grief and heartache, but we were strengthened by our faith in God to pursue having a family. This, combined with the difficulty of not knowing whether another pregnancy would result in more medical problems and more sadness for our families, we decided to adopt.

We know this is the right option for us and want this journey to be shared with you. The ultimate happiness of the child is our only desire. We look forward to sharing (through pictures, letters, and other means) the child's growth and life with you. Through the ups and the downs, the love and the worry, the play and the work, may we all find satisfaction, amusement, and delight in this experience.

We hope you have found the answers you seek as we have shared our lives and desire to begin a family. We know you will study many profiles, but hope that you feel the love we put into ours. Our guarantee to you is that your child will be loved, whether it is with us or with another family.

Chris and Cassie

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Who We Are

Our journey together actually began in high school in 2005. We became quick friends, as we were both involved in choir and hung around the same groups of people. We did not seriously date until a few years after high school when we reconnected. After 6 months we became engaged and 3 months later we were married, in November 2009. In total, we have been happily married for over 8 years.

We both grew up enjoying many of the same things. We both like to avidly read books, watch sports (especially BYU football), and play games. Time with family is highly valued, and most of our weekends are spent with both sides. A family ranch in a nearby canyon gives us ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. We value this time with our families in creating lasting memories.

Chris works full-time in the education industry and specializes in using technology to help teach children literacy, language, and mathematics skills. He enjoys his job and finds success in helping children become better readers and more competent students.

We both enjoy reading books of all kinds, including Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. Cassie's favorite book is Emma (written by Jane Austen), and she reads it at least once a year. She finds the old Victorian lifestyle appealing. Christopher enjoys reading fiction (as long as its action and adventure oriented, he's into it!) and biographies, and each year around Halloween reads either Dracula or Frankenstein. He picked this up because his father does the same. We also spend some time watching TV and movies, as long as it does not detract from other more important family activities and events.

During the summer months, Cassandra likes to garden and go cycling. During the winter months, she skis with Wasatch Adaptive Sports up at the Snowbird resort. Cassie is a huge BYU football fan, beginning as a 1-year old baby (dressed as a BYU cheerleader) with her parents at a game where BYU defeated the Miami Hurricanes, the #1 team in the nation at the time. She has since converted Chris to her cause. On the other hand, Chris is still working on converting her to be a lifelong Utah Jazz basketball fan, though she likes to stick to the Malone and Stockton era. At times, we have found immense pleasure in attending vocal or theatrical performances, as well as playing games and spending time with family.

Before her stroke, we played hard and we worked hard too. We both had full time jobs and went to school full time. But when she had her stroke, everything changed ... we literally started from square one because of the trauma. At the time of her stroke, we both were in our last semester in college. It took her about 4 years to get to the point where she could talk and walk as well as she does now. It required hard work and determination, but she excelled at all that was asked of her.

In short, Cassie is disabled. She cannot use her right hand fully, as it lacks in fine motor skills. She can use it to stabilize objects she is carrying, and has done so with babies. She does walk with a limp, but is capable of getting around just fine. She does require some assistance to get off the floor, if needed. However, Cassie is capable and has shown ability, grace, and humor as she has adapted to life as is. She continues to be a great cook , decorator, and homemaker. Her skills at bringing happiness into the home are unparalleled.

We love visiting both families and frequently tell them so. When Cassie went through the experience of having her stroke, we would not have survived without them. We do a ton of stuff with our families!

We know that our children will be happy, as we will be firm but loving when it comes to the expectations of the family, while making it a fun and safe environment. We know that we have a responsibility to each other as spouses, and have an equal duty to raise children in the right manner. We know that family is the most important thing in this world, and we plan on raising our family based on important values. We will instill principles of good living, safety, self-reliance, closeness, and laughter as we raise our family.

We love to travel and explore new places, even after Cassie's stroke. Chris loves going to Pennsylvania and New York, and we recently discovered a love for Los Angeles and San Diego. We took her brother and sister this last year because Cassie and her sister graduated from college! Chris did learn his lesson after not applying sunscreen, because we laugh now ... but at the time, his 2nd degree burns were no laughing matter. But Cassie had fun, because she could use a tank of a wheelchair in the sand (massive rubber tires). All in all, it was a blast! We love exploring places that we have never been!

All of our adventures have taught us to really listen to one another, to be supportive at all times, and to ensure each others happiness. We learned to go slower, to enjoy things as they are and appreciate the good times that we have. We have been this honest with you because we want you to know what we are dealing with, so that you can place your child with the right people. We hope that you will consider us.

Adoption Diary

‘Tis the Season

What a wonderful time of year this is. December brings cold weather but warm memories. It’s a time for family to gather, to have hot cocoa, and to eat Christmas treats.

For us, it’s about decorating and traditions. For starters, decorating the tree has always been exciting for Chris. Since he can remember, his grandma gave each grandkid a new ornament to hang on the tree. He has kept these until now and still lovingly places them on the tree. Some have had to be superglued, but they still make their annual appearance.

So what’s the story behind the penguin instead of a Star or angel? When we were first newlywed, we didn’t have any of the latter items. But we had a stuffed penguin. Cassie tied the bow around it, Chris put it in place, and it has been a tradition ever since.

Cassie grew up with white colored lights and Chris grew up with multi colored lights. The compromise was that one strand of multicolored lights could be added to the tree, but that was it. Chris has found some red, white, and green strands that go outside!

It took us two nights to decorate, but we are glad it’s done. It’s a wonderful time of year!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Chris & Cassie

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