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Our Story

Let's do this bullet-point style ...

2007: We met in Phoenix, AZ. At the time, we had both moved there as young, single professionals, looking for adventure (and apparently love too).

2008: We got married (Whoa - that was fast!)

2010: We received an infertility diagnosis. That was a pretty big bummer. But it led us down the adoption path, for which we will be forever grateful.

2012: While trying to adopt internationally, some friends connected us with an expectant mother here in the States who was making an adoption plan. We started communicating with her, and six weeks later she delivered our son. (Whoa - that was fast too!) We were at the hospital when he was born, and it was by far the most sacred day of our lives.

2013-2014: We chased our son around and slept very little. Zac worked hard, advancing his skills as a dentist, while Trish rocked the stay-at-home mom life (while attending grad school).

2015: We relocated to Indianapolis (Trish's hometown) to be close to her family and friends. Zac continued working as a dentist. Trish graduated from seminary and started working part-time at a church.

2017: We purchased a dental practice in a charming small town in Indiana and moved there.

- Zac runs a successful dental practice. Trish helps out and is working on some other career-related projects.
- Our son charms his teachers and all the girls in his Pre-K class.
- We play a lot of Hot Wheels, Legos and Uno.
- On the weekends, we cheer our son on at soccer games, visit with friends and family (Trish's family is about 90 minutes away now; Trish's best friend and her family are down the street), hike, visit museums and attend church.
- We continue to be grateful for our open adoption and the special relationship we have with our son's birth family.
- We also continue to hope and pray that our dream of growing our family will one day become a reality. There's room for one more little human in all that we do, and life will be even sweeter when we welcome another child into it!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We currently live in a cute and cozy apartment above our dental practice. Our favorite room by far is "the circle room," where we drink our coffee (or milk), pray, do crafts and play games together.

We live in walking distance to our son's school, the library, coffee shops and a river, so we are always out and about, walking around town. One of the best parts of our day is when Trish and our son walk home from school and visit Zac at the dental office before heading upstairs. Our son is definitely spoiled by all of the women who work there!

We're grateful for this time living so close to Zac's work, and we also look forward to the spring when we will buy our next house. We plan to find a home in a safe, kid-friendly neighborhood, with great schools. One of the things Trish is most excited about in a new house is decorating a nursery. It will be safe and beautiful and full of books!

Whatever home we find ourselves in, Trish is passionate about making it a comfortable and happy space. There's always a yummy-smelling candle burning and music playing. The goal is that everyone feels welcome and at peace in our home.

About Trish

adoptive family photo - Trish In the words of Zac …

One of the things I love most about Trisha is how connected and devoted she is to the people in her life. Trisha is a very loyal and loving person who invests a lot of time and energy into others. Her relationships are rooted and lasting. For instance, she still gets together regularly with her best friends from middle school.

Thankfully for our son and me, she mostly loves to spend time with us! Trish delights in our son and in her role as his mother. One of her greatest gifts is helping our son identify and express his emotions. She’s intent on helping him grow into a kind and compassionate man.

Trish is fortunate to have a career that she’s passionate about but that also affords her the opportunity to spend plenty of time with our son. Until recently, she worked part-time with very flexible hours as an associate pastor of a church. It was awesome for our son seeing his Pastor Mom in action every Sunday! For now, she’s spending time with him and helping out at our dental practice. When our next child arrives, she looks forward to staying home with him or her for the first few years of life.

Here's where you might find Trish in her free time:
- Having coffee with a friend
- At a yoga studio
- Taking a walk or hike
- Roaming the aisles of Target (one of her happy places)
- Curled up on the couch with a glass of wine watching Netflix (her all-time favorite show is Friday Night Lights)

About Zac

adoptive family photo - Zac In the words of Trisha …

Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Zac was an active boy who especially loved playing and watching sports. One of my favorite stories about Zac’s childhood is that as a teenager, he took charge of ensuring that the outside of his family’s home was decked out with Christmas decorations. He talks about being on the roof at night, not coming inside until the Christmas lights were just right. That story speaks to Zac’s passion, enthusiasm and eye for detail - characteristics that help make him such a great dentist!

Today, Zac also brings all of his passion and enthusiasm into family life. Not only does he work hard to provide for us, but he also puts a great deal of energy into being the best husband and father he can be. For instance, he reads parenting books, cooks us Saturday morning breakfast, makes me coffee every morning, fixes everything around the house, prays over our son every night as he sleeps, takes him on all sorts of outdoor adventures (hiking, golfing, bike riding, etc.), and of course - makes sure that our house is the best-decorated one on the block every Christmas!

Here's where you might find Zac in his free time:
- Playing outside (hiking, hitting golf balls, etc.)
- Doing home improvement projects
- Watching dental videos (he's a nerd like that)
- Learning how to make the perfect cup of coffee
- Playing games with friends

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Trish & Zac

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Trish & Zac