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Trish & Zac
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Our home is peaceful. Our hearts are full of love. Our days are marked with joy. All this we long to share with a child.

Hello - we’re Zac and Trish! We’re excited to begin the adoption process again and are grateful that you’re taking a few minutes to look at our profile. We want to begin by celebrating the life within you. This little one will be a unique gift to the world, filling it with more love and light!

We commend you for all of the love and care you are already showing this child. And we commend you for your bravery and selflessness. The fact that you are considering all of your options and keeping your child’s best interest at heart is something to be affirmed. May you find strength, wisdom, support and peace as you determine what is best for you and your child.

If you click around our profile and check out our Adoption Diary, we hope you’ll enjoy learning a little about us. Our goal is to give you a glimpse into our lives and provide a sense of what we value, what we can offer a child and what kind of hopes and dreams we have for our family.

Among other information, hopefully you’ll discover what a gift open adoption has been in our lives (and be wowed by the cuteness of big-brother-to-be), you’ll become acquainted with our supportive network of family and friends and you’ll even get an idea of what a typical Saturday is like in our family (it includes pancakes!).

We'll also try our best to keep it real. We are who we are and don't want to pretend to be anything we're not - especially perfect, because we are far from it! However, we do tend to believe that in the adoption world, perfect matches can be made, and that's our prayer for us and for your child.

If you would like to get to know us further, we can promise you an open, honest and compassionate relationship from the start. We'll journey with you through the ups and downs, we'll support you however we can and we'll join you in wanting the very best for your child - whatever the end result may be!

And, if you ultimately decide that you would like for us to parent your child, we promise you that we will pour everything we have into your sweet one - our love, our time and our resources. Our life’s goal would be to care for this child and do everything in our power to help them become the amazing person God created them to be. There’s no greater privilege we could possibly have in this lifetime!

We hope to connect soon, and in the mean time, God bless and keep you and your precious babe!

Trish & Zac

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Who We Are

Let's do this bullet-point style ...

2007: We met in Phoenix, AZ. At the time, we had both moved there as young, single professionals, looking for adventure (and apparently love too).

2008: We got married (Whoa - that was fast!)

2010: We received an infertility diagnosis. That was a pretty big bummer. But it led us down the adoption path, for which we will be forever grateful.

2012: While trying to adopt internationally, some friends connected us with an expectant mother here in the States who was making an adoption plan. We started communicating with her, and six weeks later she delivered our son. (Whoa - that was fast too!) We were at the hospital when he was born, and it was by far the most sacred day of our lives.

2013-2014: We chased our son around and slept very little. Zac worked hard, advancing his skills as a dentist, while Trish rocked the stay-at-home mom life (while attending grad school).

2015: We relocated to Indianapolis (Trish's hometown) to be close to her family and friends. Zac continued working as a dentist. Trish graduated from seminary and started working part-time at a church.

2017: We purchased a dental practice in a charming small town in Indiana and moved there.

- Zac runs a successful dental practice. Trish helps out and is working on some other career-related projects.
- Our son charms his teachers and all the girls in his Pre-K class.
- We play a lot of Hot Wheels, Legos and Uno.
- On the weekends, we cheer our son on at soccer games, visit with friends and family (Trish's family is about 90 minutes away now; Trish's best friend and her family are down the street), hike, visit museums and attend church.
- We continue to be grateful for our open adoption and the special relationship we have with our son's birth family.
- We also continue to hope and pray that our dream of growing our family will one day become a reality. There's room for one more little human in all that we do, and life will be even sweeter when we welcome another child into it!

Adoption Diary


Thursday is a day off work for us, and we have officially designated it “Thursdate.” While our son goes off to preschool, Zac and I enjoy a little day date. We usually go to our favorite coffee shop. And then after that we’ll do something fun like see a movie or go for a hike. This morning we brought a new board game to the coffee shop with us (#nerdalert). That seemed like a good idea until I lost twice to Zac, which I hate! And I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be mad at him on Thursdate, so maybe we should skip the board games next week! :)

Joy in an Envelope

By far, one of my favorite things about the holiday season is receiving and sending Christmas cards. I enjoy creating ours every year, and it’s a labor of love writing notes and addressing envelopes for what seems like evenings on end. And then each afternoon I check the mailbox eagerly, hoping for a couple more cards to add to our refrigerator. This year, I saw this “So. Very. Merry.” design and immediately thought of the picture of our son we snapped last month at Great Wolf Lodge. I remember asking him what he thought about the indoor water park, and this is the look he gave me: one of pure joy. So that’s what our friends and family members sprinkled around the country will be receiving this year. And I look forward to seeing all of their darling faces and reading their warm holiday greetings as we inch closer to Christmas. Too often the world can be a harsh, sad and lonely place. So I try to celebrate and be grateful for life’s small pleasures and blessings, like joy in an envelope.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Trish & Zac

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Trish & Zac