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Vinny and I met 7 years ago on a online dating site. From that first date we both new we were meant to be together. After six months of dating Vinny popped the question at a Vineyard. Funny story is when Vinny was planning to propose I actually planned the entire day with out even knowing it. That week he had asked if I wanted to go wine tasting and if I could look up vineyards that we can go to. So I went ahead and looked up three places for that weekend, even though he actually had the day all planned. Vinny kept it a complete secret from everyone except my parents who he asked for their blessing before he proposed. The day he proposed to me was so amazing and so unexpected I was completely blown away. We have been married for almost 6 years and every day still feels like the first time we met. We can't say that every minute has been easy, we have had to work really hard for some things, like trying to conceive a baby to getting our home in order and now hoping to find a child to bless our home with. We are lucky because we are the same in so many ways.
We always try to please one another and enjoy the little things in life. Like relaxing on a Giant Rock on a lake at Arcadia National Park to dinner and movie on Date Night. We enjoy traveling to different places learning new things. We enjoy decorating our home for every Holiday especially Christmas. We both can get a little carried away with decorations. It makes us happy and everyone who shares it with us seems to enjoy it too.
We live in family oriented community with great schools offering every opportunity one can ask for. We are surrounded by family and friends we enjoy spending time with.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We love our home and can't wait to share it with our baby. We have worked very hard to make this house our home. We live in a close nit small community on Long Island, New York. We are in walking distance to a park, our town beach and local marina.
We enjoy taking our bikes down to the docks and watching the boats or taking walks down to our beach and enjoying the sand and sun.
We are surround around great neighbors who also have young children that someday can become friends with our child. We enjoy spending time with them whether it's a BBQ at any of homes or just hanging around out front stoops talking to each about our day.
Our baby will grow up with so many fun things to do and great people around them.

About Bernadette

adoptive family photo - Bernadette Hi,
I am having such a hard time writing about myself. I knew I have always wanted to be a mother. Life doesn't always pan out the way you hoped/wished it to go. I am grateful for everything else in my life and I know this was the path I was set out to take on and I can not wait.
I came from a very close family. My parents are Italian immigrants who came here to better themselves. They have always been very supportive of my siblings and I. My parents direction truly marked the person that I became today. I believe I am a hardworking, dedicated, kind, honest person because of them. This is what I want to instill.
After High school I wasn't sure what to do and again my parents were there for me. I ended up going away to Collage and I studied Culinary Arts. I always loved food and thought this was a good idea. My career in the Culinary field didn't last long. It was a lot of crazy hours and I began to loose my inspiration. For the last 13 years I have been working for a Printing/Box company. I love my job and I love what I am doing.
I have two younger siblings a Brother and a younger Sister. We have always been very close and that still stands today. It sometimes difficult being the Oldest and watching both of your siblings start their families before you. At the same time I am so thankful to watch my nephews grow. I love being an aunt. It prepares me for when my day comes to being a mom. I have 4 amazing nephews all unique in there own ways. My nephews Rocco and Dominic are the oldest they are huge Hockey fans and Vinny and I try to see them as often as we can. Then we have Joey my Brother's son he is almost 4. He loves riding his bike and playing with his train set that Vinny and I started for him. The youngest of the bunch is Everett Luca my Sister's baby he is so cute I love now watching him grow.
I come from a big family so I can't wait for our child to be in the mix and watch all of them grow up together and build the memories as my siblings, cousins and I have done in the past.
I am looking forward to teaching this child about where he/she came from I can not wait to watch them grow up. I will love and support them each step of the way just as I was. I want to share all that life has to give and build a life time of memories they to will appreciate when they are older.

About Vincent

adoptive family photo - Vincent Hi,
I feel I am a strong caring, loving person I will do all that I can for someone. I can't wait to be a dad it is something I have always wanted. I want to pass on all the things I have learned in my life, fun and important. I want to let them learn new things and find out what they are interested in and encourge them to chase their dreams. Give unconditional love and raise a good person who will always feel love, cared for protected and will know they can accomplish anything.
I believe the little moments matter alot from the daddy daughter/son trips for ice cream to just playing outside teaching them how to ride a bicycle. I can see my self pushing a wheel barrel doing my gardening and them close behind pulling there red wagon wanting to help.
I believe in encourgment and morals and doing the right thing even when it is hard is important.
I have a great family. My parents, sister her husband and her two sons. I see them as much as possible but not enough. Growing up I was close to my mom, my dad worked alot. I consider myself extremely lucky because I spent many years working with my dad as I got older and experience I would not change for anything. My mom was born in Brooklyn, NY and my dad just outside Naples, Italy. My dad came here when he was just 8 years old.
For the last 10years I have worked in a construction union. I enjoy my job it is very important to enjoy what you do for a living.

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