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I am sure, for you, it has been a long journey up until this point. A difficult one, perhaps. Our first priority here is to let you know that we empathize with the long, hard path. Hi, my name is Christina - and alongside me is John, my wonderful husband. We bring with us Layla, she is a bubbly, sensitive, and loving 8-year-old. Jemma comes next in line, she is 6, and she is brave, outspoken, and bright. Lastly, we have Delaney - our silly, lovable, and happy 2-year-old. The first two are John's step-daughters, and we had Delaney to round out the estrogen... At least our dog is a boy, so John may be outnumbered 4-1, but we are hoping you can help with that! When Delaney was born, we knew our family was not complete - and so, after much prayer, heartache, and soul-searching, we arrived here - hoping to complete our family through adoption to finally have our son.
As you will see as you get to know us - and me specifically - our own story as a family is unique; we have blended together to make a happy, cohesive unit, and because of the special way we do life, we feel we are especially equipped to go this route of adoption. We want an open, loving story, wherein YOU know you are valued, respected, and important - both to your son, and to us, as we move forward.
I always knew I would be a mother to a boy, but we weren't given that biologically. Through the challenges that led us here, we have grown sure, and excited, about the prospect of getting to know you, the expectant parents, as we navigate this experience together. Know from the outset that your child will be incredibly loved, honored, and cherished if you pick us. There is nothing more in life we want than to complete our little family, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you are comfortable as you get to know us - the hopeful adoptive parents of your son!

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John and me met by a timing error. One minute. Sixty seconds.
This small fraction of time changed the course of both of our lives, forever.

When we met, I was a single mom to my two daughters. We were making ends meet and life was okay; God always provided a way for me to get through the hardship of raising children alone. I was working as a nanny and going to school online – things were hard at times, but I knew that everything would be all right, I just had to keep at it.

One day, my step mom called me from Washington – where I am from – and said she was going to be coming to visit us in Texas in just two short weeks. It was an unexpected surprise! Eventually, the day came and I went to pick her up from the airport – that is where I met John. She had sat next to him on the plane, and they had talked for the entire four hour plane ride. We were briefly introduced in the airport baggage claim and for me it was like at first sight! This long haired guy from Oregon seemed really nice and friendly; I shook his hand thinking nothing of it because I would never see him again anyway. My stepmom, the girls, and me had a great weekend, and soon it was time to drop her back off at the airport.

Before she left, she mentioned we might try to find John on Facebook. She had gotten his email address to send book recommendations they had talked about on the plane, and come to find out this was the only way one could even find him on social media. We connected that day and began chatting. And since that day, the chatting has never stopped! The short of it is, we fell in love, (I found the love of my life!), and eventually he made me his wife, and promised us three girls the world. A promise he continues to deliver on to this day as he has been the most amazing husband and dad – ever.

The reason I say we met because of a timing error is that John was never supposed to be on that flight the day he met my stepmom. He had missed his original flight, the previous day, by one minute. Because of this he got bumped to the next day’s flight out to Texas, and happened to sit next to a friendly woman who was going out to see her daughter and grandchildren. The rest of that story is now my life, every day, and I am so grateful for one minute changing my life forever.

John gave me the gift of love when I felt abandoned and unlovable as a divorced, single mother. He gave my two daughters a loving, loyal, and fun step-father when he was not afraid to take on fatherhood for the first time. Through our love, we added another baby girl to the mix in 2015. Meeting John was truly God’s way of showing me that even broken stories can find redemption when we just hold on and never give up hope.

Though we have been fortunate in that we have three beautiful, healthy children, and a strong, faith-filled marriage, we came to realize our family is not yet complete. From the time I was a small child, and this is the same for John, we both knew we would grow up and be parents to boys. Personally, I always thought I would have many sons! Instead, God gave me three amazing little girls, and each of them play their part in growing my heart, patience, and love each and every day.

We tried to get pregnant with the knowledge that it would be my last child, but that has not been working out as we had hoped, and throughout trying I kept praying for a son. All the while, the nagging feeling that this was not the way he would come to us kept looming in the back of my mind. God made it clear to me that adoption was the answer when yet again an early pregnancy was lost… Though the grief of that is big, I did not lose hope.

John and I always talked about adoption – since we first started talking at all. It is something we have both had a heart for. I believe this desire and calling is from the Lord, personally, because it is not a small thing. There are many moving parts, and emotional aspects of this path that will test us, and push us to really trust God – a challenge I am ready for, and so is John, because it means we finally get to meet our son.

I find it interesting how one seemingly fleeting moment can literally change our lives. It is these special turning points that shape our story, and I know there is more to come for our little family. More moments that we will some day look back upon and realize how special they were. I know, right now, as we embark upon this new journey towards completing our family, we will find a lot of joyous times, and maybe some hardship too, but it will all be part of the magnificent tale of one family. I cannot wait to see where this leads us.

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