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We moved from Brooklyn to a beautiful 4-bedroom house just outside the city with a big back yard when we were pregnant with our daughter, and our house is the place to be – always filled with kids from the neighborhood, family and friends. On weekends, Tom loves to make his famous smoked ribs. Summers are spent at the beach, and in the winter we toboggan, go skating, make hot chocolate and of course snow angles!

We are both professionals with the flexibility to work from home, or our offices in New York City, which is about 30 minutes away. We come from very close and large families who we spend a lot of time with. Tom’s sister and her family, including twin boys, live five minutes away, and Catharine's sister and her family, with a boy and girl close to Lucy's age, live in Florida, where we love to visit!

We have lots of family traditions, some come from our families and we have created new ones with Lucy like Waffle Sundays. Every year we plan unforgettable family trips, especially to visit extended family in Florida and Canada. This year we went to Disney World, amazing fun!

Our Home

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About Cat

adoptive family photo - Cat I am from Toronto, Canada, and thanks to my father’s job, moved to Asia and Europe when I was growing up. My childhood was full of exciting travel experiences, learning about different countries and cultures. I am also a US citizen but still root for Canada during the Olympics and other sports - Tom roots for USA so we love to compete and have fun!

Tom and I both have jobs that are creative. I write for companies, helping them advertise their business. I love playing outside with our daughter, being involved in her school at class parties, going for dinner with friends, and seeing plays in New York City.

Tom makes me laugh hysterically every day, and he is a hopeless romantic – he makes me coffee with a foam heart on it every morning, tells me he loves me every single day, and surprises me with presents when I’m not expecting it. I am very lucky :)

About Tom

adoptive family photo - Tom I was born in Lexington Kentucky, and even though we moved when I was a baby, I have family and roots in that part of the country. I grew up on Long Island, New York and lived in Brooklyn for years after graduating from College, in an apartment building my great grandfather built. I am very close with my family, brother and sister, and my sister lives close by, in our town.

I make television commercials for a living and run my own company in New York, a job I love.
The best decision I ever made was to marry my wife! She is my anchor. When I met her I remember saying to myself that this is the woman I will marry. We constantly laugh, and we can’t stay mad at each other for more than 10 minutes.

I love our town! We live in paradise.It is filled with young families and we have made lasting friends here. There are also lots of kids for our daughter to play with. There are good schools and we are on the water. That’s how I grew up and learned to sail when I was young, so I’m very happy we landed here. Each of the 4 seasons are beautiful here, but autumn is my favorite because of the fall leaves and Halloween, we dress up every year. .

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Tom & Cat

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