Chris & Anna

Chris & Anna
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"Born not from our Flesh, but Born in our Hearts, you were Longed for and Wanted and Loved from the Start."

Dear Birth Parent,

Thank you for looking at our adoption profile. We can't even begin to imagine what you are going through right now. This is a decision that cannot be taken lightly and we want you to know that if we are selected to be your child's parents, he or she will experience love that we can't even begin to describe. We know how much love you already have for this child and even though there is only hope of this child for us, we already love this child too.

We feel that as birthparents, you are giving us the greatest gift there is. We have nothing but respect and love for you for making such a difficult decision. We believe that God will bring us together with the child that is meant for us which means that you are also meant to be a part of our lives.

If you are a different race or culture than us we want to support that race or culture by teaching our child about it. We hope to expose him or her to their birth culture through summer camps or heritage festivals that are in the area. We never want our child to feel alone or like they don't fit in. We live in a great school district that is made up of children of all races and many different cultures. We believe that a good education and involvement in sports and clubs at school are also very important to our child’s development.

Both sides of our families are eagerly awaiting a new addition to the family. We are very close to our family members and spend a lot of time together on weekends and holidays. Anna's mother plans on retiring once the baby is born to help with childcare. We also plan to enroll him or her into a day care to develop early childhood social skills. We have a lot of family members and friends that can't wait to become Grandparents, Aunts or Uncle's. Our child will be surrounded by love no matter his or her race or gender. We are also open to adopting twins or multiples.

We are both Christians and plan to have our child baptized into the Lutheran Faith. We believe that it is important for children to learn about God and to belong to the Lutheran Church that our family attends. Chris has been a member at this church for his entire life and also attended grade school there. Anna was raised Catholic but attends church with Chris regularly.

We hope to raise a happy, healthy child with a bright future and we want to thank you for being such a big part of our hopes and dreams.

Anna & Chris

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We first met when we worked together at a local grocery store in high school. We started dating a few years later when we were both in college. We are best friends who have fun together no matter what we are doing. We have been together for over 9 years and have been married for 6 ½ years. We have 2 dogs, Simon (a Morkie) and MeMe (a Boxer). Both are great with kids and love to snuggle! We enjoy going to baseball and hockey games and rooting for the Cardinals and the Blues. We are very close to our family and often get together on the weekends for a barbeque or breakfast on Sunday after church. We also love to go on vacation and have most recently spent a long weekend together at the Lake of the Ozarks.

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Waiting for You!

Simon & MeMe can’t wait to meet their human baby brother or sister!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Chris & Anna

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Chris & Anna