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From our first date we bonded over our love of food, travel, outdoors and adventure. Our relationship is built on love, communication and building a future together. We enjoy every moment together, not just our trips around the world but even those less glamourous hours spent doing laundry or cleaning the house. Our wedding was an outdoor garden party and we will forward to sharing out backyard garden beds with our child, teaching him or her about growing food and how to enjoy dirt, mud, snails and outdoor play as only children can.

Our Home

We live in a cute historic Spanish home in Long Beach, California. We have a big backyard complete with vegetable beds, fruit trees and plenty of play space. We share our our home with two indoor cats (Jackson and Penny) and two dogs (Nutter & Butter, ) that love roaming in our backyard. Just a couple of blocks from the beach, our house is on a tree-lined street with neighbors who we are friends and trusted with to look after one another. Another key feature to where we live is the close proximity of restaurants, parks, shopping center and diverse cultural amenities which includes museums, galleries, festivals and sporting events. We love to walk around our neighborhood to explore new food and cultural festivals. From exploring the aquarium to the magic of 3D printing at the downtown library, we look forward to sharing our great hometown with our expanded family.

About About Bobby, by Christopher

Bobby is nice to a fault, adorable, dedicated and a fantastic partner. From making dinner to excelling at work, Bobby applies himself without complaint and is always there for me. He is creative and practical all at once, I think he is brilliant. It warms my heart when I overhear him explaining life lessons to our cats and dogs, I know he will make a wonderful father.

About About Christopher, by Bobby

What attracted me to Chris in the first place is how smart and loving he is towards his family and friends. He is the type of person who is willing to offer help to anyone who needs need - from volunteering to tutor underprivileged children to offering advice to his friends. I can always rely on his judgement and love. Another thing that attracted me to Chris is how he makes me laugh and I feel really safe when he is around.

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Christopher & Bobby

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Christopher & Bobby