About Me

My Story

Running, kayaking, paddle boarding, cooking, photography, and I am a dog lover!

Fun Fact
Let’s get outside! ! I run local races and have completed the NJ Half Marathon multiple times. I love to kayak, paddle board, jet-ski & fishing. I was raised by the beach, and my Dad taught me to fish & crab as a child. If I haven’t mentioned - I love dogs and have been known to foster dogs that are in danger of being euthanized. I take cooking and photography classes on occasion and torture family regularly with my cooking.

My Home

I live near the beach in New Jersey. I have lived in and owned my home for 15 years. It is a two bedroom, with plenty of room to play and grow! One of the great things about the area I live in is the trails, access to open areas and parks. There is so much that goes on here and it's truly a beautiful place to live.
My neighborhood is friendly and safe with plenty of families with young children. My community is diverse with great schools, libraries, parks, playgrounds, restaurants and mom and pop shops.

About Danielle

My Life

I’m a proud Aunt of two and Godmother to four! My nephew will be four in October and my niece is two. We regularly have outings and sleepovers. . They are the best lunch dates I could ever ask for. My house is located near a number of parks and many bike paths, and it’s become a regular part of my life to explore them. It’s so relaxing and great exercise. I can’t tell you how many miles I have logged in these trails over the years with the dogs. Traveling, both domestically and internationally is a great passion as well. This year alone I traveled to Chicago, Dominican Republic, Georgia, and Switzerland. I look forward to sharing these experiences with my child.

My Family

I am the oldest of two and I’m lucky to be very close with my family. My brother and I were raised in New Jersey and we both still live there, where my brother is raising his own family. My mother and brother live about 10 miles from me and my father lives in the same town I do. We have family dinners regularly. It’s a nice tradition and one of my favorite things to do together. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive group. They are rooting for me, they have been a part of the process as best they can, and they can’t wait to welcome the next member of the family.

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