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Tim and I were married in 2004, in a small private wedding at his mom's home. We had only dated for a few months before we were engaged, and we were married 6 months after our first date!. We knew pretty quickly though that we were the right one for each other. Our life has been full of ups and downs, just like any other family, every circumstance has only brought us closer to each other.
We really wanted to have children and tried on our own for a while before using a fertility clinic. Even with treatments though, we were never able to get pregnant, aside from one precious pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage about 10 years ago. My youngest siblings are adopted from the Philippines (where my parents served as missionaries), and my oldest sister is my mom's child from her first marriage that my dad legally adopted. Being raised with these wonderful siblings, we know that family is made from love not genetics. We had always wanted to adopt, and are so excited to finally be starting on this journey.
We are both hard working individuals, who enjoy what we do. I am a preschool teacher, and have been for the last 17 years. Tim has worked in construction and maintenance for most of his working career. We are committed to providing a safe, stable and well provided home for our children. We have 3 dogs, Goldie, a Labrador great Dane mix who is so gentle with kids that she lets my 4 year old nieces paint her nails. Lola is a Spaniel Maltese mix that has been with us all of our marriage, she is old an gentle, my niece Ellie loves to cuddle her. Mimi is a Dachshund mix that is energetic and lovable. We love taking our dogs for walks, and getting out doors. We love to fish and camp and take weekend trips to the beach. Our favorite weekend activity is to have get togethers with our family and friends, playing games, riding ATVs, and BBQing. Tim loves old cars and we often go to car shows during the summer months.
We both have great supportive families that are very happy for us to be building our family through adoption. We have young nieces and nephews on both sides that can't wait to meet their newest cousin! Its hard to fit in everything about us in a single page, please email me so we can chat, if you would like to know more about TIm and I.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a 2 story townhome with a large backyard and front lawn. We are located in a great neighborhood of Vancouver WA. We have wonderful neighbors, most who have young children. It is a wonderfully diverse community, with people of all ethnicities and ages. Our home is on a small dead end road that is very quiet and calm. we have a great park just up the road from us, and a great community library nearby. the Zoo and Children's museum is just 20 minutes away, and our city hosts lots of family festivals and events, that make this a great place to raise kids.

About Tim

adoptive family photo - Tim Tim was born in Modesto Ca. and is the middle child with one older and one younger sister. His Dad was a pastor for an Assemblies of God Christian church, and his mom was a stay at home parent. As a kid Tim loved the outdoors and pretty much just came in to eat :). He loved to ride his bike and work on old cars; he restored his first car with his dad when he was 14. He has always enjoyed jobs where he can be out doors and work hard, and started out working on a farm driving tractors and large equipment. When Tim was 20 his Dad was killed in a drunk driving accident and he became the man of the house so to speak. He is very close with his mom and had taken such good care of her through the years. He is an incredibly loving man who has a big heart. His family is the most important thing to him. He loves kids and kids love him because he is so easy going and gentle. His nieces and nephews adore him because he always takes time to play games with them and listen to their stories. He would be such a great dad!

About Becky

adoptive family photo - Becky I was born in the Philippines where my parents served as missionaries. When I was 14 years old my parents moved back to CA so that their kids could attend high school in the USA. Having that experience of living in another culture was amazing. I know it gave me a wonderful world view, and has helped me to value and love all people of all cultures. I attended college at Fresno Pacific University and graduated with a BA in Liberal Studies. I began teaching preschool when I was 19 years old and never stopped! I LOVE children and feel that providing them with a loving school environment where they can thrive is my mission. I have worked with ages 12 months to 7 years of age and currently teach 3-4 year olds. My favorite thing to do is to spend time with my twin 4 year old nieces whom I helped to take care of since my brother in law traveled a lot when they were infants. I have so much love in my heart to share with a child of my own, I cannot wait be a mom, it is the biggest dream I have.

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