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Chantal & Geoffrey ❤️ We are excited to complete our happy family with one more to love!


About Us

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Our Story

We met at a party of a mutual friend. Although we were young, we knew early on we had found our perfect match in one another. We started dating and we have been inseparable since. After dating for seven years, we married in 1998, and we recently celebrated our nineteenth wedding anniversary.

We feel lucky to have a 50/50 relationship, with plenty of love, trust, honesty and FUN! We enjoy spending time together, take "Anniversary" trips and make sure we have "date" night on a regular basis. We love going to the movies, the theatre, and having romantic dinners in one of our favorite restaurants. We are 100% committed and there isn’t anything in this world we can’t handle, as long as we’re holding hands.

We always dreamed of having children. Although we were faced with infertility, we both passionately believe we are meant to raise children. With our hearts wide open, we decided to build our family through adoption. We chose to adopt from China and welcomed our son Noah in 2007, when he was 20 months old. He is the best thing that ever happened to us and we wouldn’t trade our adoption experience for the world!

We find that experiencing life as parents has made us look at the world in a different way. So many things that might have been a priority before we welcomed Noah into our lives, are no longer important. Our priority is on the safety and happiness of our son and our future children. Life has become much more meaningful in so many ways as parents.

If we had to describe Noah in three words, they would be outgoing, adventurous and versatile. He is doing well in school and loves playing sports, especially hockey and horseback riding. When he is not busy building new creations with his Legos, he enjoys playing with friends or running around in the backyard with Poppy and Yumi. Noah is looking forward to being a big brother and finally starting our new life as a family of four.

Spending time with our family members is very important to us. Especially because both of our fathers have sadly passed away and Geoffrey's brother went to live in Melbourne, Australia, several years ago. We are lucky to have our mums and Chantal's sister and her family living nearby. Chantal's family lives within walking distance. Noah is very close to them and loves having them around. He also enjoys sleepovers at his Aunt and Grandma's house.

We also have a close circle of friends that might as well be family. Two of our dearest friends, Ingrid and Johan, have adopted their two beautiful daughters from the USA. Their wonderful experiences and heartwarming stories are part of the reason we decided to adopt from the United states too.

Our family, friends and neighbors are overjoyed at the idea of us becoming parents again, they couldn’t be more excited about our second journey to adopt. We know that a child of any race or ethnicity would be whole-heartedly welcomed by each and every one!

As a family we love to travel. Our favorite destination so far is Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean. Travelling to England, Italy, France and China was also fantastic! Whenever Noah wishes to go back to China we will return to visit his native country. We have not travelled to the USA yet, but it is on our wish list. We plan to continue exploring the world in order to expose our family to other cultures, and we look forward to adding another “little explorer” to our clan.

Besides travelling abroad, we like to take advantage of the fun things our home country Belgium has to offer. On Wednesday afternoons and on the weekends we usually go to a theme park, the zoo, the playground, the movies or do more active things like biking, swimming , or hiking through the woods. One of our favorite things to do as a family is sailing.

We also love our “Friday Family Fun Night” at the end of every week, which can be anything from a bowling match on the Wii (or at the actual bowling alley), a game of Monopoly, or a movie night.

We hope that by reading our letter, you will get a glimpse of what your child’s life would be like should we be fortunate enough to welcome you both into our lives. Though we have never met, we want you to know that you are just as important to us as your child. We would like an open adoption and we are happy to meet you when we come to the USA to adopt and whenever we visit again. We will gladly share pictures and updates on how your child is growing and experiencing life so that you know how well loved and cared for your child is. At the same time we will be respectful of your wishes and comfortlevels. You will always be welcome in our lives in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

If you feel a connection to us and our family please contact us. We would love to talk to you about your dreams for your child's future and how we can help make them come true!

With love,

Geoffrey, Chantal and Noah

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home In 2009 we bought the house we now live in and we renovated it ourselves. We put a lot of effort and love into the renovation, to turn the house into a home where we would like to spend our time and welcome our family and friends.
The area is known for its great schools and family-friendly neighborhoods. Our village is situated near the countryside and we enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds us. We love to go for a walk between the fields and creeks and to take bike tours and have picnics.
Our neighborhood is full of other families that we enjoy seeing on our walk to school in the mornings or having over for playdates. We have a great backyard with lots of room for playing soccer, baseball and a big playhouse.

We also own a beautiful two-story penthouse in one of the most sought-after cities in Belgium. It consists of a large livingroom, a beautiful island kitchen, 3 bedrooms with wardrobes, 2 fully equipped bathrooms, a sauna and a terrace overlooking the marina (for pictures, please take a look at our photo album "Our second home").

About Chantal by Geoffrey:

adoptive family photo - Chantal by Geoffrey: caring, generous, loves being a mom, great sense of humor, very loyal to family and friends, dedicated wife, loves dogs, bowling with friends, cooking, truly dislikes butter, likes to read and meet new people, chocolate lover, known for making a strong effort to do the right thing and being thoughtful of others

About Geoffrey by Chantal:

adoptive family photo - Geoffrey by Chantal: funny, hardworking, loves being around family and friends, devoted husband, awesome dad, likes doing odd jobs in and around our home, loves everything about food except for oysters and raw meat, likes to read and watch movies, known for being loyal, laid back and easy going

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Chantal & Geoffrey ❤️ We are excited to complete our happy family with one more to love!

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Chantal & Geoffrey ❤️ We are excited to complete our happy family with one more to love!