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We have been happily married for 6 years and together for 8. Our relationship is built on a foundation of love, trust, respect and communication. As a couple we have laughed ourselves silly, cried on each others shoulders and most importantly- lifted each other up. We can truly say we are each others best friends and partners in crime.

We always knew we wanted a family and after a very brief and unexpected battle with breast cancer that left Dawn unable to have children, we knew adoption was the path for us. We believe everything happens for a reason and feel we were brought together to create our family through the blessing of adoption. We are beyond grateful to say that Dawn is 11 years cancer free and in the best of health!!

Of everything in life we value family above all. We both come from close-knit families and cherish the love and support we have received all our lives. We would like to someday pass this love and support to our child. We are lucky enough to have our families very close by. Dawns family is just a short drive away while Chris's family is just a few blocks away- some even within walking distance! We all get together as often as we can. Whether it is a holiday, Sunday afternoon or just to say hello, family gatherings are a common occurrence at our home. The child who blesses our lives will have 4 grandparents, 4 aunts and uncles and countless cousins and extended family waiting to love- and spoil them. Our young nephews are so excited about the idea of a new addition that they keep asking when is our baby cousin coming?! Aunt Dawn and Uncle Chris are titles that we wear very proudly. Although our two oldest nephews have affectionately renamed Aunt Dawn to "Prairie Dawn" after one of their favorite characters on Sesame Street when they were barely 2 years old. The name has stuck and now all the boys lovingly call her that -and some of the adults too!

We both have very stable and supportive jobs and Dawn is able to work from home a few days a week. Chris works just a few blocks from our home and has a day off during the week as well during the weekend. We will both be able to take leave when the baby comes and then Dawn will work mostly from home so she can care for the child. On the days one of us can’t be home, our family will watch the baby so there will never be a need for daycare.

In addition to our own devoted and supportive families, we have a very large friend base who we also consider family. We enjoy gathering for trips, cook-outs, and other fun-filled experiences. We are blessed to have this supportive circle around us, and they are as ecstatic as we are about our adoption plan and welcoming a child (children) into our lives.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a lovely 3 bedroom home complete with a finished basement that doubles as a play area for our nephews and a "Man Cave" for Chris. We have a big backyard with plenty of room for a play set, entertaining and playing catch. Our neighborhood is very safe and we live on a quiet street close to many parks, community pools, activity centers, libraries, hospitals and great schools (the same where our nephews attend). We have amazing neighbors who we have over often, many of whom have young children- one with a set of newborn twins. She already has play dates all lined up for us in hopeful anticipation that our miracle will arrive soon. One of the best things about our neighborhood is that we live in the same town Chris was born, so everyone knows him and his family and he has deep ties to the community. Most of his close friends still live in town or very close by so we get to see them often. They are all married now with little ones of their own and they can't wait for us to become parents too and join them on their annual trips to Disney.

About Dawn (by Chris)

adoptive family photo - Dawn (by Chris) When I first met Dawn I knew instantly she was the one for me. Her smile lights up the room and she always has a way of making people feel at ease. She is the most caring, kind-hearted and loving person I know, always putting other peoples needs ahead of her own and seeing the best in people. She is an amazing aunt and our nephews just adore her. I know by watching them together that she will one day be an amazing mother to our own child. She loves doing special things for them like making Rice Krispie Treats (their favorite snack) for every holiday, birthday and any other special occasion in every shape, size and creation you can imagine. The kids (and adults) all go crazy for them. She loves the beach, music, animals, fireworks, her home and family- and she is fiercely protective of the latter. There is nothing she won't do for the people she loves and I am so proud to be one of them. Dawn is a very special woman and I am a better man today by having her in my life. She is my best friend, confidant and my hero.

About Chris (by Dawn)

adoptive family photo - Chris (by Dawn) Chris is the kindest, most generous, loyal and loving person I know and I am so grateful to have him in my life. He is my rock. I knew on our second date he was the one for me when he picked me up with a dozen mangoes- simply because I had mentioned earlier that day that I didn't have any for breakfast the next morning (and I ate them every day!) He is always so thoughtful like that. He is very hardworking and will do anything for the people he loves. He makes me laugh every day and he is the happiest when we are together just being our silly selves. But nothing makes him laugh like a day spent playing Nerf wars with our nephews. They just love "attacking" their fun uncle and playing until they all drop from exhaustion. Watching Chris with our nephews makes my heart beam and I know he will make an amazing Dad to our own child. Sure he has his flaws.... did I mention he's a Cowboys fan?! But that only makes me love him more. Being with Chris feels like home and he is always where my heart is.

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