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Dawn & Chris
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Loving couple ready to give our hearts and happy home to your child!

Hello! We are Dawn and Chris and so honored that you are taking the time to get to know us. We are a fun loving couple living in a quiet neighborhood in Long Island, NY, surrounded by our close friends and family. We have just about everything we have always dreamed of- but our biggest dream is yet to be fulfilled- that of being parents. We are very excited to start our family through adoption and are humbled by your selfless choice to consider this option for your child. We realize you have the enormous weight of making a life changing decision for both you and your child. Our hope is that by getting to know us, our family and our story, your decision might be a little easier knowing that we can provide a happy, loving and supportive home for your child. Our promise to you is that they will be loved unconditionally! We hope to hear from you soon to embark on this amazing journey together and we are willing to work with you at the level of openness you feel most comfortable with. Whatever you decide, may you find peace in making the decision you feel is right for you and your family.

Best Wishes,
Dawn & Chris

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Who We Are

We have been happily married for 6 years and together for 8. Our relationship is built on a foundation of love, trust, respect and communication. As a couple we have laughed ourselves silly, cried on each others shoulders and most importantly- lifted each other up. We can truly say we are each others best friends and partners in crime.

We always knew we wanted a family and after a very brief and unexpected battle with breast cancer that left Dawn unable to have children, we knew adoption was the path for us. We believe everything happens for a reason and feel we were brought together to create our family through the blessing of adoption. We are beyond grateful to say that Dawn is 11 years cancer free and in the best of health!!

Of everything in life we value family above all. We both come from close-knit families and cherish the love and support we have received all our lives. We would like to someday pass this love and support to our child. We are lucky enough to have our families very close by. Dawns family is just a short drive away while Chris's family is just a few blocks away- some even within walking distance! We all get together as often as we can. Whether it is a holiday, Sunday afternoon or just to say hello, family gatherings are a common occurrence at our home. The child who blesses our lives will have 4 grandparents, 4 aunts and uncles and countless cousins and extended family waiting to love- and spoil them. Our young nephews are so excited about the idea of a new addition that they keep asking when is our baby cousin coming?! Aunt Dawn and Uncle Chris are titles that we wear very proudly. Although our two oldest nephews have affectionately renamed Aunt Dawn to "Prairie Dawn" after one of their favorite characters on Sesame Street when they were barely 2 years old. The name has stuck and now all the boys lovingly call her that -and some of the adults too!

We both have very stable and supportive jobs and Dawn is able to work from home a few days a week. Chris works just a few blocks from our home and has a day off during the week as well during the weekend. We will both be able to take leave when the baby comes and then Dawn will work mostly from home so she can care for the child. On the days one of us can’t be home, our family will watch the baby so there will never be a need for daycare.

In addition to our own devoted and supportive families, we have a very large friend base who we also consider family. We enjoy gathering for trips, cook-outs, and other fun-filled experiences. We are blessed to have this supportive circle around us, and they are as ecstatic as we are about our adoption plan and welcoming a child (children) into our lives.

Adoption Diary

Christmas Celebrations 2017

Santa was very good to us again this year.  We spent Christmas Eve at Dawn’s Parents House (aka “Daddy’s house”) followed by Christmas Day at Chris’s sisters house.  Such a blessing to spend the holiday surrounded by the people we love the most.  Lots of great food, way too many sugar cookies and all our family gathered around laughing, telling new stories and reliving the old ones.  It was a wonderful holiday.  If we had just one last Christmas wish its to have one more stocking to hang next year to make our little family complete ❤️  Looking forward to an exciting new year!

Thanksgiving Festivities 2017

Thanksgiving was just awesome this year. I started the day yesterday making sandwiches and feeding the homeless. Such a small gesture for me but everything for them. It was very humbling. Then home to start cooking for our family. My turkey was the best yet and my stuffing and mashed potatoes were amazing as usual (if I must say!) I can’t wait to eat the leftovers!!  Everyone had great fun and left full and happy which makes me the most happy. Feeling so grateful and blessed to have so much to give and to be able to share the day with our loved ones. We hope everyone had a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!!!!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Dawn & Chris

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Dawn & Chris