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Our Story

The beginning of US:)

Phillip moved to the Seattle area for his job four years ago and happened upon the same hair salon that Lauren goes to (yes, jokes for years!). Lauren grew up mostly in one place (Seattle area) and enjoyed working with kids and spending her free time with friends and doing anything active and outdoors. Phillip grew up in many different places (his father was in the military) and enjoyed traveling, spending time with friends, cooking and going to church. We dated for three years and in that time our two worlds naturally integrated. Now we do most of our favorite things together (although thankfully for Lauren, Phillip still cooks and thankfully for Phillip, Lauren runs by herself;)). Both of us have always wanted to have a family and are so excited for the path of adoption.

It is very important that we get to spend as much time as possible as a family. The balance of Phillip working full-time and Lauren working part-time allows us to spend a lot of quality time together in the mornings, evenings and all weekend.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a safe, diverse, very kid-friendly community with close access to great schools (2 elementary schools within 1 mile each), parks (1 min walk) and the water /beach(1 min walk from our house). We enjoy walking when the weather is nice, tag-team cooking, doing house chores together, riding our bikes and barbecuing. We are excited that Lauren's mother recently moved within 5 miles of us and grandma lives 1 mile up the hill.

Our family and friends (near and far) are our best support system for guidance and best go-to's for random baby questions:) Most of our support system have kids and remind us constantly of the little things we need to know, what to prepare for and the importance of communicating. Everyone is very excited for our little family of two to expand!

About Phillip

adoptive family photo - Phillip OCCUPATION: Marketing professional
FAVORITE FOOD: Anything Asian (especially mom's food)
FAVORITE SPORT: Basketball and football
FAVORITE PLACE: Traveling to new places, but loves being home.
FAVORITE BOOK: Dr. Seuss books
PERSONAL FACT: Speaks Korean from growing up many years in Korea.

Phillip was raised in Korea, California, Nebraska and Texas as his family moved around with his father's job in the Air Force. Phillip attended college in Texas where he graduated with a degree in broadcasting (he is a talker;)). He is a HUGE Texas Longhorn fan. Phillip has one sister, a nephew and family/friends all over the country.

Phillip grew up traveling, learning new cultures and adapting to new environments while his parents instilled the importance of love, spirituality and respect.

From Lauren: Phillip is a wonderful partner, protector, jokster and encourages me to be the best friend, partner, daughter, granddaughter, sister and therapist that I can be. I am so excited for him to share all of these qualities, plus the huge amount of love he has, with a child.

About Lauren

adoptive family photo - Lauren OCCUPATION: Occupational therapist (Loves working with kids)
FAVORITE FOOD: Anything Phillip cooks!
FAVORITE SPORT: Watching football and playing soccer
FAVORITE PLACE: Anywhere by mountains and water
FAVORITE QUOTE: "Love. Changes. Everything."
PERSONAL FACT: Taller than all of her family!

Lauren grew up in Washington and attended college in Washington where she graduated with a degree in occupational therapy. She loves to play and watch all sports. Lauren has two older brothers and two nephews (and a few family dogs).

Lauren grew up in a more traditional way with love, support and consistency as a foundation. Her parents placed much emphasis on communication and the importance of traditions and family time.

From Phillip: Lauren is that friend, sister, daughter and wife that many people wish they knew. This speaks to the kind of mother she will ultimately become. As my soulmate, we both share in dreaming of the day we will be blessed with our own family. She makes each day better for many.

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Lauren & Phillip

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