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Ralph and Eddie
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We are a loving couple that's ready to start our family, and will provide a child love & support with all our hearts.

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We really appreciate it.

We understand that considering adoption is an important and courageous decision for you. We hope you are feeling well and getting the support you need from loved ones. We hope that learning more about us, our families, and our dreams will help you make this most important choice. We are excited about the chance of building a family!

We offer your child a loving family with the support and love of many friends and extended family. We have worked to build a wonderful life, have love in our hearts to give to your child, and are ready for this next step into parenthood. Your child will have a life filled with love from us, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins and friends. We will support your child’s education, interests, and passions. We will expose them to different cultures and places around the world and will raise them to fulfill all of their dreams.

Thank you for taking this time to learn about us and most importantly, we wish you the best, regardless of what you decide. - Ralph and Eddie

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Who We Are

We met in 2005 during practice on a local flag football league. There was an instantaneous connection! We had a lot in common and became immediate friends. We actually grew up only 8 miles from each other yet we never crossed paths! We quickly fell in love and married in 2012 and have been very happy.

We both love the outdoors, running, the arts, sports, music – and spending quality time with a great group of friends and family. We can’t wait to teach our child about the arts and different activities. Eddie is a great artist and will pass along his drawing techniques to our child. If our child enjoys it we can go to baseball and football games and more, with Ralph passing along his great experiences. If they love the water as much as we do, Eddie was a lifeguard growing up and will teach our child how to safely enjoy the pool and beach.

We still love playing football, especially on the beach at our summer house. Summertime for our child will be filled with plenty of outdoor laughs and activities with friends and their kids in our yard and pool.

We especially love food and cooking and are always trying to perfect our families’ recipes. We love hosting our loved ones at our home in Brooklyn, NY – we treasure quality time and our child will love joining in the fun.

We look forward to passing along our best family traditions and recipes, from Ralph’s family’s pizza to Eddie’s Polish grandmother’s cabbage roles to Eddie’s Italian grandmother’s awesome stuffed artichokes.

We both grew up Christian/Catholic and remain spiritual individuals, which we want to instill in our child. We will teach our child to be kind, thoughtful, and caring. At early ages, we both learned the value of trying our best and working for what was important to us. We both worked through college to start our careers. Eddie pursued his passion for wellness and taking care of people and earned a Doctorate degree in Chiropractic Medicine. He has established his own Chiropractic practice with a loyal patient following. Ralph earned his degree in Chemical Engineering and pursued a path in consulting and pharmaceuticals and currently is an executive at a top pharmaceutical company. Our careers allow us great flexibility when it comes to raising our child, with our ability to take time off for paternity leave and arrange flexible hours between us to be active parents. We also have eager parents who want to help, and they live close by!

Seeing the joys, challenges, and triumphs of the families around us has inspired us and has made us want to build our own family even more. We would be so fortunate to be able to adopt a child and love them with our fullest hearts, nurture and support their development, provide them family and friends, and give them experiences to grow and become the wonderful people they were born to be.

We promise to tell our child how they came into the world and the brave, beautiful decision you made to place him or her for adoption. We will make sure our child knows that you love them and that you wanted to place him or her in the care of a family who could take care of them at a time when you were not able to. We will be forever grateful for this decision you are making and that we all came together to give your child a wonderful life.

Adoption Diary

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Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ralph and Eddie

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Ralph and Eddie