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Our Story

We met and began dating in October 2002. Our first date was dinner at the local diner where we learned how much we really had in common. We learned early in our relationship that we shared vision impairments. Our drive to not let challenges get in our way drew us closer together.

We got married in April 2008 and had a large Italian and Irish wedding reception. Our marriage inspires many as we do not let obstacles stand in our way. We live a very active lifestyle, both have good full time jobs, keep a clean and welcoming home, and make time to travel and do other fun activities throughout the year. Our marriage continues to grow as we work extremely well together as a team. We treasure the time that we each have with one another, help one another through life’s challenges and look forward to raising a child of our own.

Our family is treasured by each of us. From dinner on a Saturday night to dinner on a special occasion, and frequent phone calls, we enjoy our time with each one of them. We both come from medium size families and enjoy sharing in our Italian and Irish traditions. There is nothing like a good plate of pasta with meatballs on a Sunday afternoon or Irish soda bread on St. Patrick’s Day. Food is a big ingredient to happiness in each of our families.

The time we spend with the children in our lives is treasured dearly. We look forward to our nieces and nephews having a new cousin and to sharing time with all of them together.

We love to travel and enjoy seeing different parts of our country. Our favorite place to visit is Walt Disney World. We cannot wait to take a child of our own there some day. Knowing Jaime, she has the entire vacation planned out to make sure it is extra special. We have been to Branson, Missouri where we saw the many exciting shows, Chicago where we enjoyed the great food and architecture as well as a stop at Wrigley Field to root on the Cubs, and Canada where we learned about the French culture. We enjoy traveling and look forward to future trips together with our child.

We both enjoy a good baseball game. We root hard for the Yankees whether the team is having a good year or a bad one. We enjoy attending games with our friends at the local minor league stadium on a warm summer evening which concludes with fireworks.

Taking in a good Broadway show and dinner in the city is also a favorite of ours. There is nothing like seeing the best on Broadway to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday together. We also enjoy the other arts that New York City has to offer by going to the different museums, the opera, or even to a classical concert by the New York Philharmonic.

Our Home

We live in a split level home in a suburban town near New York City. It is full of natural sun light and has a fenced in backyard. Our home is well kept by Rocco’s dad, our local landscaper, and us. We decorate the inside for every holiday including Christmas. The outside is spruced up every spring with fresh new flowers, and in the fall, there are orange lights and leaves on the railings with blooming mums along the front yard. We are within walking distance of shopping, parks, well respected schools and public transportation.

We cannot wait to turn the spare bedroom into our child’s room. We look forward to decorating it with Disney oriented themes and to hearing the laughs and cries of our new baby.

About Rocco

adoptive family photo - Rocco Rocco is very caring, personable, has a positive attitude and a good sense of humor. He enjoys reading mysteries on a quiet Sunday afternoon. He enjoys playing rock music like Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, Elton John, Train or even a good classical tune. He looks forward to outdoor concerts in the warm summer months and enjoys a good baseball game at the local minor league stadium. He has a visible passion for ice cream and if left to his own will, would have it every day.

Spending time with Jaime is very important to Rocco. He enjoys taking evening walks with her during the summer months, taking her to see a musical and out to dinner in New York City and watching a good movie together both at home and the theatre.

Spending time with family and friends is also very important to Rocco. He treasures the time he has with his nieces and nephews and looks forward to pushing the little ones on their swings, attending their choral and band concerts, Soccer games, and playing a good board game with them. He treasures his annual visits to Florida to see his Godson and his close friends. Good food is also what makes this time even more special as his family and friends can surely eat!

He looks forward to raising his child, teaching his child about God, music, and being a good person who holds family and religion as guiding values. He believes that children are a true gift from God and looks forward to his treasured time with his son or daughter.

About Jaime

adoptive family photo - Jaime Jaime is a loving, honest and extremely caring person. She enjoys a good baseball game, likes Bon Jovi, absolutely loves Broadway shows and collects Precious Moments. She loves to travel our country and to explore all that it has to offer. She is probably one of the biggest Disney fans you will ever meet. Her passion for all that Disney has to offer is so visible to everyone who knows her. Her eyes fill with excitement at the very thought of going to Disney World, and she loves everything from the rides, to the shows, to the Mickey shaped waffles.

Family and friends are also very important to Jaime. She takes an interest to ensure that each of them receives a personal gift for each birthday and Christmas and takes the time to learn about their lives in a very special way. She also loves her time with her nieces and nephews and Rocco’s Godson. She looks forward to buying them each personal gifts and yes, many of them are Disney oriented!

Jaime dreams of having her own child to share what life has to offer. She looks forward to teaching him or her about life, taking her child on trips to Disney, holding themed birthday parties, and teaching her son or daughter about the rich history of our great country. Her patience and how she cares for others will make her a great mom.

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