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We are in our 30's and have been together for more than 10 years. As long as we have been together, we have known in our hearts that we want to be parents.

Our Home

We live on a quiet, tree-lined street in a town just outside of Boston. It's a family-friendly community and there's even an elementary school right at the end of our block. Our home is cozy, safe, and perfect for a little one. There's a bedroom we have set aside to be our child's nursery, and a family room that is perfect for playing together or watching a movie.

We have a small yard in the back that's perfect to run around in, and there are lots of kids in the neighborhood to make new friends. We're a short walk into the town square, where there are lots of fun things to do, like visiting the library or playground. And, it's only a few subway stops into the center of Boston, where we have access to some of the best museums, schools, universities and sporting events in the world!

About Andrew - written by Brian

adoptive family photo - Andrew - written by Brian There’s an expression that says someone is so generous he’d give you the shirt off his back—I’m convinced they were talking about Andrew! He is one of the most caring, charitable and genuinely selfless people I know. Andrew has a sympathetic heart and loves to help others. He spent many summers as a teenager, not goofing around, but, rather, helping families by building homes or cleaning up neighborhoods.

Andrew gets this strong sense of generosity and community from his tight-knit family. He is very close with his parents and his brother and sister and they have video chats almost every weekend to keep in touch. Family is very important to Andrew, and is one of the first things I noticed and loved about him - since I come from a large, but very close extended family. His family quickly and genuinely included me in family events and made me feel welcome in their home! I know they can’t wait to do the same with our child.

Whether we’re traveling across the country, world, or enjoying the city back home in Boston, you can rest assured that Andrew is taking a photo of the sights around him. He loves photography and is fascinated by camera technology. His love of photos helps us capture memories so that we can treasure them forever. Andrew not only likes to take pictures, he’s really good at it. Photography lets him capture the beauty in everything, even in the most ordinary moments.

Photography also demonstrates Andrew’s creative side: he attended a performing arts-focused high school and loves music and the arts. While he’s the natural artist between the two of us, we both love visiting art museums and watching plays or musicals. It is exciting to think that our child will have the opportunity to live in an environment that gives them the opportunity to be inventive, creative, and imaginative!

We look forward to learning what interests our child has and supporting them in exploring their passions – whether they are sports, arts, music, tinkering with computers, or exploring the outdoors.

About Brian - written by Andrew

adoptive family photo - Brian - written by Andrew I promise, if you hear Brian’s laugh just once, you’ll understand immediately what I love about him. He’s always happy, always smiling, and his laugh is infectious. You can hear it two rooms away! Brian is also the smartest person I know. He earned his doctorate in psychology from a highly ranked university in the Midwest, and, before that graduated from a top Ivy League university. He loves to learn! But, if you met Brian, you would understand right away that he is the most humble, loving, caring person you could know. He is always learning and always teaching, and that’s how I know he will be a wonderful father.

Brian’s family all live in California, and he has a large family! He has over 50 first cousins and many aunts and uncles who are always around for holidays and even just a Friday night in the backyard. His mom and dad grew up in Mexico, and came to the United States to live in California where Brian was born. Brian, his sister, and his brother still speak Spanish at home with their parents and extended families.

When you visit Brian’s family, you understand right away why he is so
full of love and caring – they are very welcoming, and you will never
go hungry! He has learned to make many of his mom’s Mexican dishes,
although he says he’ll never make them as well as she does.

Brian is an excellent cook; he loves being in the kitchen cooking foods
from all over the world, and I love eating them! I am so excited that we
will be able to raise our child in a home full of tastes and smells from so
many different cultures and countries.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Andrew and Brian

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Andrew and Brian