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There always a silver lining

With all of the things happening in the world right now, we are all experiencing disruptions and anxieties.  I had been inside all day and grabbed my EarPods to go for a walk….much to my frustration the batteries were dead.  I went on ahead and walked over to the high school.  I live in one of the country’s best school districts with not only great education but wonderful parks, sports and activities.  As I walked past the parks, I heard children laughing, people talking and saw dogs playing fetch.  Once I got to the high school, there were kids running track, playing lacrosse, soccer, field hockey, tennis…it was so nice to see the community coming together, having fun, not on phones and computers, or at gyms with EarPods on but actually talking to each other.  I was thinking of the amazing opportunities this community holds for the kids who grow up here and that there really is something for everyone.  You could just feel the school spirit - I wanted to go back to my high school years!  I know that the child that I hope to be lucky enough to raise will have every happiness that I have had and a chance to really find whatever passion they have - school, sports, theatre, art, reading, music, volunteering…whatever makes them happiest. So silver lining, no earbuds gave me the opportunity to really remember how great the neighborhood I live in is.  Stay well!  I’m here if you would like to talk….

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