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3/31 is a big day in our family.  It’s my oldest nephew’s birthday.  Peter is special for a million reasons but honestly, he just a really good person.  He’s a little bummed because birthdays are always an “event” at my mom’s house.  Each birthday person gets to chose their birthday party theme - we get all of the paper goods, balloons, etc and they choose their favorite dinner, whether it’s pizzas, steaks, McDonalds, whatever they want and of course, a birthday cake…I. am a chocolate lover but a few of the kids don’t like chocolate…I know, crazy right?  They all love ice cream cakes too.  Anyway, this is the first time in 17 years that we won’t be together on 3/31 to celebrate Pete…we will have to wait until next year…and maybe there will be a little one to join the festivities too.  I really hope so.  Hope you’re well and staying healthy!  Happy Birthday Pete! 

*Picture is an oldie…but still a goodie!

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