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Monday Nights with Michaela and The Bachelor

My niece Michaela loves the show, The Bachelor….she thinks the woman are all pretty, have nice outfits, the bachelor is so handsome, nice,etc.  I enjoy her optimism and decided to watch the show through her eyes this season.  We had a standing “date” on Mondays and would text through the show with different tidbits about the ladies and their dates, their tears etc.  If you’ve ever seen the show, you know it’s major drama…tuning in to watch was a great way to connect with my niece and have some good banter!  She’s a real treat and a lot of fun, with a great wit.  Last night was Part 1 of the finale but the BEST part was, she texted me at dinner time and asked me to come over to watch the episode with her!!  I was so excited!!  I hit Carvel for some flying saucer ice creams and drove right there. (My family lives 5 mins away. Lol)  What a fun Monday night pick me up!  It’s so wonderful to be so close both emotionally and physically to my family and to see my relationships with them grow as they are growing up.  Sounds funny to think that we watch a show together but it really gave me good insight into how mature she is getting and how nice of a person she is, that she seems to find the good and positive in people.  Very refreshing!!  I would give Michaela the final rose!

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