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56 Days and counting…

We’ve now been in self isolation for 8 weeks!  I don’t know about you but….I want out!  I miss everything and everyone.  It’s very lonely to do meetings with friends and family over video conferences.  I miss the feel of a great hug or the feel of a high five for a good job, etc.  I always knew I am a people person but this has lockdown has confirmed it. Yesterday my niece and I went for a long walk. It’s the first time I have been with someone other then my mom, for Ny lengthy amount of time since this started.  Felt great to be outside and laughing!  So , hare you holding up?  Are you feeling this too?  I know there are a lot of things on your plate and I’m here for you. Would you like to talk?  I’m a good listener and a great friend. If you’re up for it, please reach out!  929-215-4880

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