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It’s wonderful to meet you, thank you for your time.

Hello, I’m Suzanne and I appreciate you taking the time to look at my life at a glance. I have had a good life and have a lot of love to share. I know that I can give a child a very happy, special, stable and full life. I feel that having a child will be the greatest blessing to me in so many ways. I know how much joy this child will bring to me as a parent, and to my family as a grandchild, niece, nephew and cousin.

It has always been my dream to become a mother, to have a child to love unconditionally and to share my life with. Although I have always wanted to be married, the “right guy” was always at the wrong time, so I have decided to move forward on my own through adoption. I still hope to one day marry the man of my dreams, however, he will have to be an incredibly amazing man. I would never even consider someone unless they love your child as much as I do.

I hope that in reading this letter, and looking at the special times I have shared, that you have some sense of who I am. My life has been a wonderful journey, richly filled with love, family, friends and happiness. My family and I are super close, and we all look forward to welcoming a new baby into our lives to love and nurture. It’s hard to express what I can offer as a parent and how much love I am ready to share, but please know that if I am fortunate enough to adopt, this baby will be loved beyond compare.

I am honored to be considered as an adoptive parent, and would love the opportunity to meet with you. I am ready to welcome home and raise your baby as my top priority.

Warmest Regards,

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Who I Am

I believe that my friends and family would describe me as warm, caring, thoughtful and a true friend. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for the people I love. When it comes to family, I am very protective of their needs and feelings. My love for my family and friends is unconditional.

I have a successful career in Finance and absolutely love my job. I have have a very small monogramming company that I run out of my home for my enjoyment. I am creative and love to read and needlepoint. I’m in a Book Club where I sometimes host dinner parties. I love to travel - near and far, beach and snow. I am an avid runner. My friends and I participate in local’s always fun to challenge myself!

I am a great daughter, sister, aunt and friend. I am very fortunate to have my whole family within a mile of one and other. I hope that someday I can share my love and life with my. Hold. I greatly look forward to becoming a mom and know that I can give so much of myself to a child.

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No Power, No Problem

Today is day 6 of no power…my “office” is in my nephew and noece’s playroom. They have so many great things to share and are so excited for a new cousin!!  We are all waiting for you….
PS Thank you to Joseph and Frankie for sharing their space and WiFi!!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

TGIF!  The heat finally broke…and now the rain.  For me, a welcome sight to be able to walk the beach in cooler weather.  I love the dark sky and the navy water…..the beach looks beautiful!  The cloudy days make me realize how much I do love the sun and that no matter how stormy things seem, the sun does always come out again.  Hope you are doing and feeling well.  Thinking about you!  XO

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