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Alexis & Tom
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To Someone Special,

We are Alexis, Tom and Ella. We want to first say that we cannot begin to understand how difficult this decision must be for you or the thoughts that are currently racing through your head; nor would we begin to try. What we can assure you is that if we are fortunate enough to be chosen to raise your beautiful child, their life will be filled with unconditional love, smiles and endless laughter.

We have a daughter Ella, who is 5 years old and she is so excited to have a younger sibling. She often says, “I will be an AWESOME big sister." Not a day passes that she does not ask us when she is going to have a baby brother or sister.

Family is of the utmost importance to us. It is our job as parents to make sure that our children never want for any of the necessities in life, feel loved, supported and nurtured everyday. Every child needs, deserves and thrives from unconditional love. Ella and our future child will not only be loved by Tom and I but by our entire extended family, who simply cannot wait for their arrival!

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Who We Are

We met during a hurricane in South Florida...that is right, a force of nature literally brought us together! My family had lost power and was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in South Florida. A mutual friend decided to come visit me at the hotel, more like enjoy the A/C for a few hours, and brought Tom along.....the rest is history.

After graduating college, we decided to move to New York City and have been here ever since. New York is a special place, truly unique and once you are here it is very difficult to leave. Everything is at your fingertips and available to you at a moments notice. In New York we are surrounded by amazing schools, medical professionals, extracurricular activities and there is such a wonderful blend of cultures. We are very blessed to be able to live here and raise our family in such a diverse community.

The best part of our marriage is that Tom and I have very different personalities. This is why we work so well together. We compliment each other and truly make a great team. We have been together for over 12 years and married since 2009.

We love nothing more then to share a good laugh with one another. Making memories through smiles and laughter is the best way that we know how and maybe a few selfies.

Both of us, because of our childhood experiences have talked about adopting a child, even before we were married. We wanted biological children too, but adoption was something that has always been important to us. Little did we know that because of the complications that I developed during my pregnancy with Ella, doctors would tell us that it would be both dangerous to my health and the health of the baby should I become pregnant again. 

This brings us to today and our true hope to match and adopt a baby to complete our family.

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Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Alexis & Tom

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Alexis & Tom