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Our Story

The two of us met in a small chorus rehearsal, right when we had just started college. We made eyes at each other when we were supposed to be paying attention to our music, but somehow stayed just friends.

Shortly after graduation, when we both moved to NYC for work, we almost literally bumped into each other in Washington Square Park. It was the middle of the night; Alyson was walking her new puppy, and Danny was on his way to a record release party. We were so surprised to see each other that it jolted us into a romance. To make up for lost time we pulled out all the stops, writing each other letters, spending time going to music and art shows, hiking and canoeing, and just generally being gooey in love. Twelve years, a child and a house later, we still have that spark for each other.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We absolutely love living in the Hudson Valley of NY; we are nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, not far from the Hudson River. Our house is privately situated away on a wooded dead-end road (perfect for bike riding), but we still have the benefit of wonderful neighbors with lots of kids! We have a great pool, stream fed pond with a waterfall that you can cross by two little bridges, a big swing set all ready for play, and beautiful woods to explore beyond our back field. We are a short ride away from town, which boasts fabulous restaurants, farmers markets, and one of the best school districts in the country. Emmy would like us to add here that our local toy and bookstore are second to none!

Most importantly - our house is filled with love, and we designed all living spaces with children in mind. It is a safe and cozy place to be, filled with musical instruments and opportunities to explore and play.

About Alyson

adoptive family photo - Alyson From Danny:
Alyson is the world's greatest mother, wife and friend, in that order. I would not be anywhere near the person that I am without her by my side. I fell in love with Aly in college while she was an opera major. I attended her every performance! Even on a bright stage, Aly's eyes were the only lights. She still is the most generous and nurturing soul I have ever known, always the first to offer help and the last to expect anything in return. But she is also incredibly hilarious and amazingly fun. Everyday, Emmy and I share in her various exploits which might include piano playing, small dog wrangling, traditional Armenian cooking, wading in a woodland creek, making silly faces, arts and crafts projects, and general merriment of all sorts! To this day, nothing lights up a room, or my heart, like her smile.

About Danny

adoptive family photo - Danny From Alyson:
To put it simply, Danny is my best friend. We have gone through some struggles in life just like any couple, but supporting each other through them has just made our bond that much stronger. When I found out that I could no longer have children, Danny was my absolute rock, and was there for me through that roller coaster ride of emotions that came with such devastating news. Danny is an extremely funny, creative, and caring person. He is absolutely wonderful with kids - it is so fun to watch him get right on their level, figure out what they like to do, and then help them get to it! Danny is a master block builder and song maker. He's quite handy around the house and has a knack for explaining things so that little ears can understand. Danny is one of those musicians that can pick up an instrument and make music with it without a lesson. (It is a little hard for me not to be jealous of this amazing ability.) He does this with little bravado, as if it is normal to do!

Danny is a Line Producer of Broadcast Media. He meets some pretty interesting people and makes some cool TV shows in his day to day work. He was a Music and Integrative Arts major in college. He has written music and recorded movies all his life, and has translated these artistic skills into his career.

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❤️ Danny & Alyson ❤️ call or txt anytime! (845) 379-0836

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❤️ Danny & Alyson ❤️ call or txt anytime! (845) 379-0836