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Our Story

At a West Coast Swing dance, Mike & Lauren met in 2010. Over bible study, they got to know one another. And, like a match made in heaven, they knew very quickly after meeting they wanted to wed, because of matching faith & family values. A vision for a big family of both adopted & biological children was talked about early in their dating season.

We have been given unfailing, never ending, unconditional love from God. "In love he predestined us for adoption to himself as sons (& daughters] through Jesus Christ" (Ephesians 1:4b-5). We want so much to share that love with as many children as possible!

"My eyes were opened to adoption in middle school, when my Aunt & Uncle adopted their first girl. They worked against so many odds in order to bring their precious child home. And despite 'failing to thrive' in the orphanage she HAS thrived once given a family & unconditional love." ~ Lauren​

"My Dad was adopted as a young child. His birth family chose a closed adoption, so he wasn't able to meet his birth mother or learn much about his family history until he was an adult." ~ Lauren​​

We hope for an open adoption so our child can learn about his/her unique background, and family health history; as well as have healthy communication between his/her birth family. We can talk through the various degrees of openness prior to the adoptions finalization.

Our Home

Our Christian faith is the cornerstone of our lives and informs many of our decisions to live with purpose, with love, with selflessness, and with passion for God. Together we are both practical & peace-making. We try to live simply & give generously, which includes special outings and activities for our children. We love Jesus and are so thankful for His sacrificial example for how to live.
Worshiping together is a treasured family activity. Mike plays the guitar, the kids dance, and we all sing to the LORD.

We love our family. Mike & Lauren both have a brother & sister respectively, and parents who love being grandparents to our kids! Charlotte & Boaz have several cousins, with that number soon to grow as our siblings start their families.
Regularly investing in our marriage is important to us. We want to beat the odds of rising divorce rates. We want to provide a secure home for our children. Date-nights & stay-dates are one of many ways we do this. We also have a written "Family Vision" & Family goals that we regularly review. We love learning about marriage & parenting topics, and regularly host group studies to grow our own knowledge & wisdom in those areas.
Our family hails from FUN country... Wooohoo! Whether playing games, wrestling, hide and seek, activities outdoors, or creative outlets there is always something fun to do at the Premo house.

...sums up our family in a lot of ways. We are down to earth & creative, practical & fun. We do a lot of things the 'green' way - cloth diaper, garden, frequent the farmers market, herbal medicine, etc.
We also 'grow' our children from home - meaning we are homeschooling them, and taking every opportunity to shape their character to be joyful, peaceful, kind people even in the face of a cruel world. Above all, we teach them of Jesus' love for them.

We enjoy homemade from scratch breakfasts, lunches & dinners - made from local & organic farmers (sometimes from our own garden!). Meals together are just one part of how we strive to build a strong family unit for our kids.
We also love creating together whenever life presents opportunity - like decorating cut-out-cookies & Jesus' birthday cake together at Christmas! And adding our 'thanks' to the Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath each year.

About Lauren - Wife, Mommy, Sister, Friend

As a stay at home mom, Lauren is creative with anything & everything. She loves decorating & making our house a home. Creating naturally baked treats, and trying new veggie packed recipes is another of her creative outlets that benefits the whole family (and often neighbors & friends). She also enjoys working on her potter's wheel & designing jewelry whenever she can make time - and hopes to someday teach the kids. When she creates, she feels the Lord's pleasure. She wants to pass that joy onto her kids!

About Mike - Hubby, Daddy, Brother, Friend

Mike is task oriented and relational, being an engineering manager by trade. He loves solving problems, getting things done, and spending quality time with family and friends. In his free time he enjoys computer and board games, as well as camping and travelling. He is involved in local politics and loves encouraging people closer to Jesus.
Mike takes his role as Father very seriously to provide a loving environment for each child to safely grow, receive training/instruction, and reach their full potential for how God made them.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Lauren & Mike Premo

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Lauren & Mike Premo