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We've been married for eight years, we're both originally from the same home town, which we've moved back to and love! It's the perfect place to raise a family and own a business. We've both graduated from universities and grew our careers here in our hometown. We love to be active, camping, being outdoors, traveling and being close to our families. We love to spend summers on the lake at the cottage and spending time at the farm in the fall. We're both very close to our siblings and our nieces and nephews. Shortly after we got married we discovered it was going to be very difficult to have children. After a lot of testing, conversations and praying we decided to go through the adoption process. A few months after we entered the program we were chose by a young girl just graduating high school who was six months pregnant. We adopted her baby girl in December of 2013, her name is Iyla and that will make her almost 4 in a few short months! It was a beautiful experience from the day we met our birth mother and still now as we continue an open relationship with her. She gave us the greatest gift anyone ever could, she made us a parents. We're hoping we get the chance to go through this amazing journey again and to build our family.

Our Home

We moved into our recent home just over two years ago. We are right downtown and we love to walk to the park, the beach, the farmers market and to our favorite local coffee shop. We live in a beautiful, family friendly community surrounded by water. Our home is located right across the street from Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes.

About Bradey

Life with Bradey is an adventure. He loves to be on the go and to explore new places. He has made me a better person in so many. He loves the outdoors and more importantly his family and friends. He is the friend that everyone goes to and can always count on, he had 11 groomsmen in our wedding! He's my best friend and partner in crime for life. He's an amazing father to Iyla, he has so much love and compassion for her and so much yet to give. -Nicole

About Nicole

Nicole and I have been together for over 10 years and it has been the best years of my life. She is very caring and has always supported me in "most" things I do ;) She has a big family that she is very close with and enjoys spending time with them and her friends. She has a big heart and I love to watch her be a mother to Iyla. We always have a good time together and we are excited for the possibility of adding to our family.

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Bradey & Nicole

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Bradey & Nicole