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Our Story

How we met (written by Devin):
Kaydee and I met through her brother Scott. One day while I was at Scott's house, Kaydee caught my eye with some captain America spandex she was wearing along with tube socks on her hands that she was using as gloves (it was pretty cold that day). She was all geared up to go mountain biking. I haven’t taken my eyes off of her since. We only dated for a few months before we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. One of the things that made me fall in love with Kaydee was her “down-to-earth” personality. After having been married for five years and hoping to grow our family we were blessed with the opportunity to adopt. We love adoption and look forward to adopting again and growing our family in such a special way.

Proposal (written by Kaydee):
Devin and I never really talked about marriage, mostly because I really liked him and didn’t want to scare him away. In fact, we never really classified ourselves as an “item” until Devin came on a family trip with us to Moab. We spent the afternoon hiking to the delicate arch and decided to watch the sun set. My family picked a spot to sit and gathered around talking and laughing while we waited. Dev had forgotten his water bottle down by the arch while we were taking pictures and asked me to come with him to get it. We walked down to the arch and all of a sudden Devin was down on a knee in front of tons of people and I had no idea what was going on. We had only been dating for a
few months, and like I said, we hadn’t even talked about marriage yet. I was freaking out and telling him to get up and noticed my family, especially my dad, freaking out and wondering what was going on. Devin just had this big grin on his face and finally asked me to be his “girlfriend.” He jumped up and said, “she said YES!” All the people around us starting clapping and congratulating us as if he just proposed. We walked back to where my family was sitting and explained to them what they missed. Devin later told me he had not planned on doing that but the idea just came to him and he couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

About six months later, we went back to Moab with Devin’s family and hiked to the same spot. Again, we had not really talked about marriage or even gone ring shopping so I was not even expecting anything. Devin, being so sneaky, had asked my dad for permission to marry me, gone ring shopping with my sister, and had the whole proposal planned previous to our trip to Moab. Everyone knew he was going to propose and hid it from me for weeks. I thought he might try and pull another prank but never expected him to really propose. His family recorded the entire thing, which lasted a few hours because he was pretty nervous. Devin is such a fun person to be around and continues to keep things entertaining. The rest of our story is much the same, full of unexpected surprises, laughter and fun!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We love where we live. We have the best neighbors and friends. We live in a safe community and have tons of kids in the neighborhood. We live close to parks, a splash pad, the library, and the cutest little farm our kids love to walk to and feed the animals. We are only minutes from the mouth of the canyon where we love to take our side by side out exploring. We have a trampoline in our backyard, a couple slides and a garage full of fun toys. You can pretty much find us outside playing in the sunshine, rain, or snow. It is important to us that our kids work hard but also PLAY HARD!

About Kaydee

adoptive family photo - Kaydee A few words from Devin:
The best thing about Kaydee is that she is honest and sincere. She tells it like it is. Her family always thought she would make a good attorney because she won’t back down from anything she knows is right. She is the youngest of five children and although her siblings are not close in age, they are close in everything they do. We enjoy going to Snowbird (a ski resort) every year where Kaydee’s family has a timeshare. For a family that grew up in Arizona they really can ski. Her siblings really made me feel like family while we were dating and always invited me on whatever outing they went on. They even converted me over from snowboarding to skiing.

Kaydee loves children, and shoes, but mostly children. She is often like a child herself running around and playing games. She graduated from college with a degree in child development. I remember every night her coming home so exited about the interesting things she learned from her classes about little children’s behavior. She graduated high school early and took about 18 credits each semester in college so she finished about two years before I did. I’m glad she had the determination to work hard to pay for my schooling until I graduated. She is someone who knows what is important in life and always has her priorities set in the right places. She is a hard worker. Kaydee is a full-time mom, which means she never gets a day off. Her patience amazes me; some days she spends so much time taking care of Carson and Rocky that I wonder how she manages to get ready for the day (somehow she looks awesome every day). She is truly a selfless person. Kaydee is always a fun person but she is especially fun just before she goes to bed because she gets a huge burst of energy, then two minutes later she is asleep. It is hard to describe Kaydee but once you meet her you can never forget
how awesome she is.

About Devin

adoptive family photo - Devin A few words from Kaydee:
Devin is the third in his family of four children. Devin is close with his siblings and has amazing parents who love and support him in everything he does. Devin loves the outdoors and activities such as mountain biking, wakeboarding, and camping. I love to watch him wakeboard because he always has a huge grin on his face and loves being on the water. We spend a week at the lake with his family in the summer, which has come to be one of our favorite traditions. Each year we know something exciting will happen on this trip. For instance, one year we decided to try and wakeboard together. After many attempts we were able to both get up on one board and even went outside of the wake. Devin is extremely patient. He is the most caring person I know. He is constantly putting off his own desires to serve someone else in need, especially his family. He is so tender hearted and would do anything he could to take the load off of someone else who has had a rough day. Devin is full of love and laughter and you can’t help but smile when he is around. He has a way of making everyone else around him laugh and feel at ease. When I first met Devin I had a great feeling of admiration for him and knew this was someone special that I wanted to be around for the rest of my life. I knew I was going to marry him after our second date, which terrified me, but when you know you know. We continued to date and fell madly in love and got married after nine months in the South Jordan Temple. Marrying Devin was the best decision I ever made, he truly makes me want to be a better person.

Devin graduated from Utah Valley University with a BS degree in technology management. He started his own automotive business and understands the value of hard work. We both agree that you have to work hard to play hard and this is something we want our children to understand as well. Devin now works with the production of a three wheeled car and manages all of the operations for the company. He loves his job and gets really excited about the cars they manufacture. Devin is amazing with our children and is such a fun dad. He loves spending time with Carson and Rocky and they love spending time with him. He always gets them to laugh and smile and truly takes time for the simple things in life. He is a great teacher and is constantly teaching Carson how to use tools and work in the garage on exciting projects. Devin will guide our children and teach them by example. I love him so much and know that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him as my companion, but more importantly my best friend.

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