Josh and Laura

Josh and Laura
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Dear expectant parent and friend,

Before you learn about us, we'd like to say thank you for choosing the selfless act of adoption and for considering trusting us with your child. We are excited to start this journey. We are excited about adopting a child and we also are looking forward to getting to know you, if that's what you would like.

Before we were married, we started talking about adoption and what the other person thought of it. We didn't know before the conversation that we both wanted to adopt. Adoption is what we have always imagined for our future together.

Through this site you'll learn more about us. What is hard to see through words and pictures is our heart. We have been praying for you and your child for years.

If you decide to meet us, we look forward to learning more about you. In the meantime, hopefully this will give you a sneak peek into our lives and what kind of life your child would have with us.

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Who We Are

We met at church while volunteering with college students. Immediately we were drawn to each other and the more we learned about the other, the more we fell in love. What topped it off was when we both talked about our desire to adopt.

You can catch us spending time with family and friends, trying new restaurants, being outside with our puppy, watching sports or going on vacations. All that is great, but our biggest passion is to have our own family.

Adoption Diary

A busy couple of weeks!

Hello! Laura here :)

It has been a busy and fun couple of weeks for Josh and I. We just returned from a vacation in Utah and did some site seeing and lots and lots of hiking. Whew! We are tired! Before we started out on our road trip we had a family celebration when my mom got married! It was a small and meaningful ceremony and we couldn’t be happier for her and her new husband ( I added a cute photo to our album of them!). We took family pictures and thought to ourselves, “we can’t wait until our future child can be a part of things like this!” We are excited and hopeful for that day.

On our vacation we enjoyed being in nature and seeing all of the amazing creation around us. Vacations, being outside and being active are things that Josh and I both enjoy. We recently bought a canoe that we are excited to use in all of the surrounding lakes next season. We took it out a couple times this year and tried to bring our puppy along, but she was too excited and kept rocking the canoe a little too much for my comfort! Eeeks!

We did a lot of hikes while in Utah, some very scary ones (!!), but when we made it to the top of those mountains the feeling was amazing and the views were spectacular. We hope that one day our child/children will enjoy coming along for the ride. Spending quality family time is something Josh and value now and we will carry this into the future as our family expands.

Hope you are well and we hope to talk with you soon!

Love, Laura and Josh

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Josh and Laura

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Josh and Laura