Kirk and Julie


Sick kids!  Coughing coughing coughing.  Took Sam to the doc and sure enough he needs antibiotics. Read more »

Tuesday Gymnastics

The little two attend gymnastics on Tuesdays and love it.  We went to Texas Roadhouse afterwards as that is one of their favorites as well. Read more »


So, the concert was awesome.  Back to regular life…. Kids have picture day tomorrow at school.  Just got done helping them choose what to wear.  We have a bunch of birthdays coming up soon.  October is a popular birthday month around here! Read more »

Is it Friday yet?

The little two started gymnastics today.  They had a blast!!  I’m ready for the weekend.  Henry and I are going to a concert and I can’t wait!! Read more »

Sure is Monday….

Meh.  Back to cleaning and organizing and running to the store.  Nothing too exciting.  It was nice to get a contact off of here last night, though.  Hope your Monday is going well. Read more »

Saturday at home….

Just cleaning house and working on the adoption profile a bit today.  Getting many views!!  Would love to chat with you….feel free to email or call us. Read more »

Day Two

Working on our profile a bit more….fixing a few things here and there….waiting for a contact! Read more »

A new beginning…

Wow.  It’s already September 13th!  Working on uploading everything and activating our adoption profile.  We are so excited to adopt again!  The kids can’t wait for a sibling, either.  We are open to age, race and special needs, too! Read more »

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Kirk and Julie

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Kirk and Julie