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Dru & Kaylan


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Our Story

We have been together for nearly 12 years and married for 10. We've been inseparable since the beginning our meeting felt like coming home. Our love has only deepened over time, and we've learned that we can count on each other no matter what life presents. We are best friends and are so blessed to have found one another and built the life we have together. We are always up for adventure, but also enjoy our daily lives.
We love spending time outside; whether it's spending a relaxing day at the beach, hiking to see beautiful views at the top of a mountain, or kayaking down a river full of excitement and beauty.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We spend time together at home. We love cooking and grilling out, hanging out in the pool, working in the shop, riding our four-wheelers and playing with our dogs. We have three sweet lovable dogs that we rescued when they were young.

About Dru

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Dru is by far the most caring and patient man that I know. Dru works hard to provide for our family and I am proud of his amazing work ethic and support he gives to our family. He puts all of his energy and effort into anything that he does; whether completely a project for work, finishing yard work at our home, being adventurous with friends and family, or planning vacations trips. Dru is the anchor of our home and my best friend. He will be a wonderful, loving, and committed father. I am so thankful we get to walk through life side by side and begin our new chapter with a child.

About Kaylan

adoptive family photo - Kaylan Kaylan....By Dru

I am so thankful to have Kaylan as my wife, and my best friend. She inspires me with her dedication to life, family, her career, and to our marriage. Kaylan exhibits an optimistic attitude that is contagious. She keeps herself engaged in activities that are productive toward serving others and is the best organizer that I know. She is courageous in her adventures and strong willed to succeed whatever the challenge. Kaylan has a tender heart and much love to share. I am a lucky soul to have her as my mate.

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Dru & Kaylan

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Dru & Kaylan