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Khalilah and Patrick


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Our Story

Our Story:
Who are we? That's such a big question! We always say that fate brought us together. Cheesy, I know, but honestly, it's true! I guess this could be said of any two people. Patrick comes from New Haven, CT while I am from Chicago, Il. We both took a long route to becoming doctor each of us taking off time to perform research, get an extra degree, and work before completing medical school. At any point, we could have changed our path, but destiny brought us together. We both found our way to Boston where we met. I was a lowly intern and Patrick was a big time fellow. Very Grey's Anatomy! Actually, not at all like Grey's Anatomy. We were actually friends during that year, although there was a spark forming. At the end of that year, I moved to Chicago to finish my residency. Two years later, Patrick moved to Chicago, where finally we turned our friendship into a lasting love. And the rest is history! After 4 years of marriage and a total of 10 years having known one another, we feel so blessed to have found one another.

For 3 years we have tried all there is to have a biological child. In the midst of the process, we realized that we have always wanted to adopt. We have always felt that we would love to see your family grow through adoption so that's why this choice feels so right to us. It clicks! For us, adoption is just another way for us to be able to love and give to a child all the blessings and joy that our parents and family have brought us.

Our story is far from being complete. We cannot wait to start the next chapter of our life with a baby to love and nurture.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home:
We live in sunny St. Petersburg, Fl. Yes, we had to leave Chicago- it was just too cold! The sun and palm trees called our names, so we moved. When we first moved to St. Pete, we thought that we would be the youngest people in town. To our great surprise, we were not! St Pete is a vibrant, rapidly growing city. Brand new condos, homes, restaurants, and shops are constantly opening. It's an exciting time to be in this city. Of course, the green lawns, palm trees and ocean takes this over the top. Because of its growth, St Pete attracts young families each year. There are children everywhere. Playgrounds dot the area but mostly people enjoy the beaches and water. All year long you can find children riding their bikes, playing outside, paddle boarding, swimming, fishing. It's awesome. The schools in the area are great and graduate students that go on to attend the best universities. These were many of the reasons that drew us here. We knew that it would be a wonderful place to raise a family.

About Patrick

adoptive family photo - Patrick About Patrick:
How can you find the right words to describe the love of your life? I guess that I would start by saying that on the surface, he appears to be the strong, silent type. But quickly, his friends and family can bring out the quirky, fun, loving and very playful side. Many people will pick up on how very smart he is. He is also extremely inquisitive, is CONSTANTLY reading, always reflecting, his mind is always at work. while he can easily read every financial book, autobiography and piece of the fiction, the next moment you may find him wanting to bbq with friends, go out for dinner, spend time with family, or travel the world. You may even find him sailing. He definitely loves the ocean and loves to swim, snorkel and scuba dive. Patrick is extremely athletic and has completed a half iron man. He is also a very loyal friend, having the same best friend since the age of 8 who in spite of living in Australia, still talks to every other week or whose mom we visit frequently because she lives so close to us. He has a passion for family, life and education. It is my honor to be his wife and for him to be the father of our family.

About Khalilah

adoptive family photo - Khalilah About Khalilah:
My wife is a very warm, caring and loving person. Khalilah is the kind of person who likes adventure and loves to travel. She enjoys exploring new things which is one of the many aspects that drew me to her. She is fun to be around and is a good friend not just to me, but to a lot of the people in her life. She also loves to surround herself with family. It seems like all of her life she has wanted to be a mother. Creating a family is something that she has always wanted, so I know that she would be very good at it.

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Khalilah and Patrick

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Khalilah and Patrick