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Khalilah and Patrick


Khalilah and Patrick
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To Our Birth Mother,

How do you pick someone to raise your child? We are sure that must feel overwhelming. Likely, you are looking for something to "click" when you are making your choice. A picture, a word, as Oprah says, an "Aha!" moment. So with that in mind, we thank you for taking the time to consider us as a family for your child. We understand that finding an adoptive family for your baby is an act of love that takes strength and courage.

We know that you are choosing a life for your child that you can envision and it is done out of pure love for your child. In your decision to choose us as the family that your child will join, we know that you are choosing the life you imagine for your baby. By knowing who we are, what we believe, our values and education, you are choosing that fits all of the hopes and dreams that you have for your child. Know that you are placing your baby in the arms of an eternally grateful loving family that will spend the rest of our days appreciating the great gift that you give us.

We hope that you will know that the gift that you share with us will always be cherished. We will shower them with love, we will laugh, cry and play together. We will be parents, a friend and an advocate for them. In short, we will be family. Indistinguishable from any other biological family. Please be assured that we will prize this gift that you share with us.

As you reflect on this decision in the future, which we are sure will happen, please remember how much your baby is able to do, how loved they will be and hopefully, this will bring you peace during those times. We hope that during these moments, you will instead feel proud knowing that you were a part in creating a family. While this baby may not have our eyes, may not have our smile, they will always have our heart. What surpasses the lack of biology is the sense of love and destiny. That although born apart, destiny brought us together.

Our adoption pledge:
We promise that our child's life will be filled with an abundance of love.

We promise that our child will be able to grow and achieve anything that they dream.

We promise that our child will experience and know all that this world has to offer. He/she will be able to travel the world and know that there is so much to be grateful for, to love and cherish.

We would be more than honored and humbled to be able to be the family that you want to provide your child. We can only hope that from this letter something about what we have shared will click with you. That you will be able to feel our desire to love and share a life with your child. No matter where the path may lead, when it comes to it, we just want to be a mama and a papa. We want you to be assured that your child will want for nothing and will be safe and loved. That is our vow to you.

- Khalilah and Patrick

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Who We Are

Our Story:
Who are we? That's such a big question! We always say that fate brought us together. Cheesy, I know, but honestly, it's true! I guess this could be said of any two people. Patrick comes from New Haven, CT while I am from Chicago, Il. We both took a long route to becoming doctor each of us taking off time to perform research, get an extra degree, and work before completing medical school. At any point, we could have changed our path, but destiny brought us together. We both found our way to Boston where we met. I was a lowly intern and Patrick was a big time fellow. Very Grey's Anatomy! Actually, not at all like Grey's Anatomy. We were actually friends during that year, although there was a spark forming. At the end of that year, I moved to Chicago to finish my residency. Two years later, Patrick moved to Chicago, where finally we turned our friendship into a lasting love. And the rest is history! After 4 years of marriage and a total of 10 years having known one another, we feel so blessed to have found one another.

For 3 years we have tried all there is to have a biological child. In the midst of the process, we realized that we have always wanted to adopt. We have always felt that we would love to see your family grow through adoption so that's why this choice feels so right to us. It clicks! For us, adoption is just another way for us to be able to love and give to a child all the blessings and joy that our parents and family have brought us.

Our story is far from being complete. We cannot wait to start the next chapter of our life with a baby to love and nurture.

Adoption Diary

Praying for Hurricane Maria Victims

It has been a truly busy season for the Caribbean Islands, Texas, Mexico, Florida and the Southeastern United States. All of us have fallen prey to the ravages of Mother Nature. In each story, we here of loss, of redemption, of community, of family. As Hurricane Maria barrels through the Caribbean and the victims of the earthquake in Mexico set about finding a new normal, my hearts and my prayers are with them. Like a lotus flower, we can rise through the mud to become beautiful once again.

Hurricane Irma

We made it through hurricane Irma totally unscathed. What a blessing. It really helps to keep everything in perspective when there is so much destruction around us. Fortunately, our home, our lives were undisturbed. We remember and ask others not to forget the countless millions who have been affected.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Khalilah and Patrick

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Khalilah and Patrick