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Robert & Lydia


Robert & Lydia
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We have everything to give and our hearts are open!

We are looking forward to bringing home our first child through adoption!

We would consider it an enormous honor and responsibility to bring your child into our family, where good times are plentiful and *love* is unlimited.

We want you to know that our hearts are truly open to a baby of ANY ethnicity.

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More info: www.RobertandLydia.com

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Who We Are

We are Robert and Lydia. We are lucky enough to live in New York City, in a diverse, safe, and vibrant neighborhood.

We met in 2011, and we pretty much knew we were meant for each other by the third date. We both love to laugh and dance and sing out loud.

We consider ourselves lucky to have met each other and live wonderful, full lives with fulfilling and fun careers, lots of hilarious and interesting friends, and a huge, supportive extended family. Our family and friends can't wait for us to become parents!

Lydia is the lead lawyer at a company that creates movies, TV shows, digital videos, and podcasts. Robert is a design director at a digital agency--he leads teams that builds websites and apps for a wide variety of big companies and nonprofits. We are both lucky to enjoy our careers, which are both secure and flexible.

Most importantly, this security and flexibility will allow us to have lots of time to enjoy being parents.

We make fun, family and friends a HUGE priority. We often spend our vacation time traveling with family. We both have siblings and cousins we love to hang out with, and they all have children we adore. Everyone looks forward to vacationing with another little one.

In the time that we have known each other, we have been lucky enough to travel to many beautiful and exotic places. We have been to Hawaii, Spain, St. John, Australia, Guatemala, and Portugal--and we recently went on a two week trip to Italy and France with Lydia's entire family. There were 15 of us traveling together! Lots of wonderful memories were made.

We also love to ski and snowboard. (Lydia's a really good snowboarder, and Robert can ALMOST keep up with her!) This past winter we spent a week in Utah over Christmas with Lydia's brother and his family. We especially love to take our nephews and nieces out on the mountain. They're just learning how to ski and it's so fun watching them challenge themselves.

Every year we celebrate Christmas at Lydia's brother's house in Indiana. That's a special time for us because we get together with the whole extended family and often get to spend a whole week or two together.

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Adoption Diary

Snowy Winter Fun!

It’s been COLD COLD COLD here in New York! We have been braving the cold and going on some beautiful hikes upstate and walks around the city.

Excited for the holidays!

Tomorrow we fly to Chicago to hang out with Lydia’s family for 5 days—yay! Both of Lydia’s brothers live out there with their families, so that’s where we spend every Christmas. We have five nieces and nephews out there that bring us so much joy. They’re cute, fun, and hilarious!  Happy holidays to everyone!

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Robert & Lydia

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Robert & Lydia