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Meet Skittles!

Skittles is our Mackeral Tabby kitty, who is super smart and super social. Gina has trained Skittles to come when she whistles and to sit on command. We love watching Skittles play with her toy mice and lay on her favorite blanket in the sun. ☀️ Read more »

Our Home

We are so excited to share our home with a child one day. Our home is located on a cul-de-sac with a large front yard that is oftentimes the neighborhood soccer field, tumbling run, or nerf gun dart zone, as the neighborhood kids know they are always welcome to play in our yard. Our backyard is a protected forested area and Read more »

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring! We are excited for the Spring weather, beautiful flowers, and more time spent outdoors. Read more »

Meet Gina!

Meet Gina! I would describe myself as being patient, kind-hearted, and dedicated. On the weekends I enjoy working in the yard planting and trimming flowers, herbs and vegetables. This Is my relaxation time. I love to bake - baking just makes the house smell so yummy! I grew up in the Chicago suburbs with my Mom, Dad, and Read more »

Sunset Walk

Our friends captured us this past weekend on our sunset walk on the beach.  The sunsets at our beach house are so inspiring ... we often find ourselves walking and talking about our future and how exciting and fulfilling our lives will be when we adopt and all of the things we will do as a family. Read more »

Love at first sight!

For us, it was attraction at first sight. We met at a local restaurant. Gina was there with coworkers and Glenn came in to eat late one night after work. Surprisingly, one of Gina’s coworkers knew Glenn and had him join the group. The next day, Glenn’s friend contacted Gina and the love connection was made! It Read more »

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! As 2020 comes to a close, we remain hopeful and encouraged in our adoption journey. We are grateful for the opportunities we have had in this year. 2020 has been a difficult year for many, and we hope that as 2021 begins, you find a fresh beginning in every moment. Read more »

Our 14th Anniversary!

We just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary!  To celebrate we had a behind the scenes tour with the elephant keepers at the NC Zoo since the traditional gift is ivory.  We can’t wait to bring our child with us someday to share our love of animals. Read more »

Why Adoption?

You may be wondering what led us to adoption. To start, family has always been an important part of both of our lives. We’ve always been excited about having kids and starting a family, and we talked about both biological children and adoption. After a few years of not becoming pregnant, we realized the magnitude of Read more »

Mother’s Day

Thinking of Birth Mother’s on this Mother’s Day! There is no way to measure your unconditional love for your child.  We are praying for you that you find the perfect family to share your greatest gift with.  You are so courageous and strong! Read more »

Neighborhood Games

Today was a great day for a neighborhood water gun fight!  Glenn is always the “biggest” kid in the neighborhood amongst all of his friends.  They even knock on the door to see if Glenn can come out and play.  What an awesome Dad he is going to be! Read more »

Gina on the dock

Here’s a picture of Gina overlooking the water. We love looking at the all sailboats, especially around sunset! Read more »

Home sweet home!

We love our house and neighborhood! The warmer weather has allowed us to spend more time in the yard, planting flowers and taking care of the grass. We can’t wait to bring a little one to the place we call home. Read more »

Skittles ready for Spring

We love our Skittles! She is pretty funny and clearly cooperative! This flower reminds us all of Spring and we look forward to the weather that’s to come. Skittles is ready for spring, too! Read more »

Rainbows that bring hope

After every storm, God let’s the sun shine and gives us the present of a rainbow letting us know everything is going to be ok.  We enjoyed this beautiful gift after a storm while visiting Glenn’s family.  We look forward to finding what’s at the end of our rainbow as we go through this adoption Read more »

Fun Facts!

Here are some fun facts about us… 1. Gina doesn’t have her ears pierced, and Glenn can’t watch a TV show without channel surfing! 2. Gina’s favorite food is chocolate and Glenn’s is BBQ. 3. Gina enjoys gardening, baking, and cooking. Glenn enjoys paddle-boarding, swimming, and surfing. Read more »

Family Adventures

We enjoy taking day trips, traveling and spending time at our beach condo. We enjoy going to places we have never been, visiting museums and historic sites. We typically pick vacations in natural areas where we can go hiking or driving on crazy narrow rural roads. We also enjoy eating good food and finding great Read more »

Springing into Bloom!

In North Carolina, Spring greets us in late February with beautiful and colorful flowers. Gina has collected daffodil bulbs from several historic homes throughout the community and planted them in our front yard.  These spring blooms give us hope in our adoption journey that our family will soon be blooming into Read more »

Front Porch Wildlife

We are regularly visited at night by our friends the raccoons.  We have a creek in our backyard that has a natural preservation area, which is a great place for animals and the neighborhood kids to explore! We caught this guy on camera! Read more »

Blocks of Love

Of course love is all around us with Valentine’s Day and candy, but we are looking forward to sharing our love and lives with our child.  We found these wooden blocks at one of the university art museums in our area, and they reminded us of our adoption journey. Read more »

Our Favorite Place to Be

We can’t help but to keep sharing photos from our beach condo! This is us on our deck overlooking the water. It’s one of our favorite places to be… Read more »

Aquarium Fun!

We love visiting the aquarium! This is Glenn with the otters. The sea otters is one of our favorite exhibits! Read more »

Skittles at the Beach

Our little kitty Skittles enjoying a sunny moment at the beach.  She comes with us when we travel to our beach condo and love to soak up the sun! Read more »

January Sunsets

Enjoying a weekend away with a beautiful winter sunset from our beach condo deck.  We love winters at the beach- walks on the sand and evening games. Read more »

Unexpected Snow Day

As we celebrated Christmas we were excited to have a very unusual snow day in December.  We are looking forward to seeing the excitement in our child’s face as the snowflakes fall and the days leading up to Santa’s Visit nears! Read more »

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