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For us, it was attraction at first site. We met at a local restaurant. Gina was there with co-workers and Glenn came in to eat late one night after work. Surprisingly, one of Gina’s co- workers knew Glenn and had him join the group. The next day Glenn’s friend contacted Gina and the love connection was made. It didn’t take long for us to realize that we shared our love for serving our communities, core values, and love of family and that we had a future together. We dated for a year when Glenn proposed without us having discussed the possibility. He borrowed a fire truck from the station where he was a volunteer, came out of the truck in full dress uniform with a dozen orange roses (Gina’s favorite color) and got down on one knee and asked Gina to marry him. After Gina had a laughing fit for several minutes Gina accepted and the rest is history.

We enjoy spending time at home doing projects and relaxing. However, we also enjoy taking day trips, traveling and spending time at our beach condo. We enjoy going to places we have never been and visiting museums and historic sites. We typically pick vacations in natural areas where we can go hiking or driving on crazy narrow rural roads. We also enjoy eating and finding great new restaurants and will make a day out of going to eat in a town 2 or 3 hours away.

We have been married for over 10 years and enjoy our life together but know that we have a greater calling to also be parents. We both have a strong sense of family, faith and community and can’t wait to share our lives with a child. Becoming parents through adoption and being entrusted with the precious miracle of a child would be the greatest gift that anyone could ever give us. We believe we can provide many things that you may be dreaming of for your baby: a stable and loving home, support of family and friends, financial security, and a quality education.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We just love our house and neighborhood. We purchased our home when we got married with our future family in mind. Our house is located on a cul-de-sac and on a half-acre with a large front yard that is often times the neighborhood soccer field, tumbling run, or nerf gun dart zone as the neighborhood kids know they are always welcome to play in our yard. Our back yard is a protected forested area and has a creek that is fun for exploring. We are ready for our house to be filled with the noises of giggles and playtime and the messes of games, paint, play-doh, books, and toys. We imagine daily dinners together around the kitchen table filled with stories of the day and planning our next family adventure and then ending the day with bath time and snuggling up for bedtime stories.

If we are not at home, you can usually find us at our second home on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. We purchased our condo a few years ago. Glenn and his family had been vacationing on the island his whole life. One of the great things that we did not anticipate when purchasing a second home is that we have a second set of “beach” friends, many of whom have small children.


adoptive family photo - Glenn I consider myself to be someone who values spending time with family and serving the community. My favorite activities outside of work include spending time at the beach, any activities on the water (paddle-boarding, fishing, etc.) and reading. I grew up near Greensboro, North Carolina in a small rural town. The community was very tight-knit and everyone helped one another. My mom and dad were excellent parents, encouraging my brother and myself to pursue what we wanted in life and were prime examples of being true servants to the community. The examples set by my family fueled my desire to make a difference in the lives of others, leading me to pursue my career in the fire service and emergency management for the past 22 years. As a parent, I would like to become as good of an example of selfless service to our child as my parents were to us. I would also like to instill the same love of adventure I have so that our child has fun in life and appreciates the things that really matter.


adoptive family photo - Gina I would describe myself as being patient, kind-hearted, and dedicated. On the weekends I enjoy working in the yard, planting and trimming flowers, herbs, and vegetables. This is my relaxation time. I truly love to bake and make chocolate candies. Baking just makes the house smell so yummy. Although I love to travel, I am most happy when I am at home spending time with family and friends.

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs with my mom, dad, and older sister. My parents were pretty strict but regularly expressed their love for us. Growing up, my sister and I did almost everything together which has resulted in a lifelong friendship. Even today we get together once a week for dinner. I am looking forward to becoming a mother to share my love for family. I can't wait to have birthday parties, baking cakes and decorating the house. I am also excited to have family game nights and many family adventures.

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