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Our Story

We were friends long before we dated. In fact, we even double-dated with other boyfriends and shared many of the same friends.

About 2 years after we first met, suddenly a light came on - we realized that maybe the person we had both been looking for was right in front of us.

Jon planned the first date...and he was very nervous - which is funny considering we had known each other for a couple years - and had been around each other plenty of times. Our first date involved a visit to the zoo (a little cold for it that day, but we had fun), dinner at a really nice restaurant, and ice skating. Talk about planning an action packed first date!

On our first cruise together - a short Bahamas cruise - Amos popped the question that would set the rest of our lives in motion!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We own a 4 bedroom colonial style home, in a quiet neighborhood, surrounded by mature trees and backing up to a golf course.

About Amos

adoptive family photo - Amos Amos is native to Tennessee, growing up only about an hour from where he and Jon currently live. He went to a local university and works as a pharmacist.

He's a bit quieter than Jon, preferring to stay home rather than go out most of the time. For fun, he enjoys gardening, working on home improvement projects, making furniture, and running - planning to run a marathon this year.

About Jon

adoptive family photo - Jon Jon is a native of Ohio, having moved to Tennessee for college, and having found it a great place to live (and landing a job) he stayed after graduation and settled down here.

He works in local government and thrives off his interactions with people - be it clients, colleges, or concerned citizens. Jon enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking and kayaking. It's also not uncommon to find him watching a documentary on almost anything - food, history, science - anything!

"When I first met Jon, it was in a group setting surrounded by our friends. I remember thinking...Wow! He's a great looking guy....but he's a little too preppy for me. Well, fast forward a few years and turns out he's perfect for me! I've learned what a heart he has, how funny and creative he can be." - Amos

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Amos & Jon

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Amos & Jon