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Our Story

A little history...We met very casually on a trip to NYC in 2002, and 15 years later...here we are! A great and easy going relationship, no drama. We are kinda like Felix and Oscar and that's why it just works so well. We compromise, we trust, we learn... We love music, movies, cartoons, video games, toy collecting, family and friends. The list goes on.

We live on Long Island in an awesome, quiet town with our socially awkward dog, Bauer. We have great jobs and work very hard. We will do whatever it takes to make our adoption dream a reality.

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Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Here's a glimpse of our house. We are only an hour from NYC and just an hour from the country-like Eastern Long Island. Our house is a fun split with a huge backyard. We cannot wait to get that vacant bedroom in our home filled with a little person and tons of love!

About Soda

adoptive family photo - Soda Hi! Thanks for clicking my link. My "nickname" is Soda, but I'm a John by birth (I'm sure you were curious about that). Anyways, by day I work for a Science Enrichment company. I'm around kids all the time, they call me "Professor Soda-Pop". I'm also a musician, writer and artist. I sometimes wear my heart on my sleeve and can also be somewhat protective of it. Typical Gemini I guess. I really can't wait for John and I to have a kid. We've talked about it for many years and WE. ARE. READY. I look so forward to sharing my love for music and art and all things geeky with our child. I come from a hardworking family and I know we will instill those awesome values within a child as well. My Mother was a top sales woman in TupperWare, my Dad worked for the railroad . My Sisters are also extremely hard workers. Oh, I'm also an animal lover and vegetarian. I can really tell you so much, but let's please talk and get to know each other outside of cyber space. And please, go learn more about John and Bauer! Speak soon!

About John

adoptive family photo - John Hey! John here, no fancy nickname, just John. I love movies, sports, video games and love to read. I'm a big history buff and am slowly working toward my bachelors in just that, history! I have a good job, but am looking to move up and onto something better soon. I can be a bit of a home body but I love to do pretty much anything fun. I'm very close with my Mom, she lives only about eight minutes away from us with her cat, Little Bill. I was also very close to my Father who was an extremely generous and hardworking man who worked in the military. I'm easy going and people think I'm pretty smart. I know a lot about wrestling, I used to be a huge enthusiast but not as hardcore as I once was. My favorite style of music is Punk. I love to cook and write, anything from dark comedy to non-fiction politics. My hugest influence is Mystery Science Theatre 3000, like Soda I also love geeky stuff. I'm very excited about our adoption adventure, we will be really good at being parents and look forward to it. Don't forget to go read about Soda and our awesome dog Bauer. Thanks!

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Soda & John Adopt!

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Soda & John Adopt!