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Our Story

It seems like we were just meant to be together. We met through mutual friends and quickly learned that our circle of loved ones was very much intertwined- it's amazing that our paths had never crossed.

It was a match made in the stars.

On a warm summer day in 2011 we were married under the most beautiful blue sky surrounded by family and friends. It was truly a great day and a dream come true for both of us.


Maria is the love of my life. She is the most beautiful, caring, loving and unselfish person that I know. Maria is so nurturing and is always thinking of others before herself. Everything that Maria does she does well and that includes her job helping people find jobs, as she works in Human Resources.

Every year during the Christmas holiday season, Maria hosts for her Goddaughters a “Goddaughters Christmas”. We also invite to this gathering our nieces and nephew to our home for lunch and give them their Christmas presents. We love to watch the look on their faces as they open their gifts – it’s priceless. Maria puts a lot of effort into planning this special event each year. Children just go to Maria so naturally. I know it is because of her gentle, calming and beautiful way of loving others that will make her an outstanding Mom. She has so much love to offer and she is an awesome cook. So the baby and I will always have great meals thanks to my wife!

John is my best friend, we can talk about anything and after all this time we still enjoy holding hands, taking long walks on the beach and going to the movies together. I am sure that John is going to make an amazing Dad. He is so loving, patient, and very kind human being. I love watching him interact with our nieces, nephew, and our Godchildren – he acts like a kid when he is around them so he blends in well playing with them all. He has the most beautiful smile and the most incredible heart…I hope that you will able to see that in the photos! John is a very talented Electrician – I call him my Mr. Handyman because he loves going around the house fixing things. He also loves to do the laundry and what women would ever complain about that?


We love to travel - we have been to Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Aruba. We love spending time in New York City – going to Broadway shows, Museums and walking through Central Park. Sometimes we like to rent a movie on Demand and buy Carvel ice cream (it's our favorite), and enjoy a nice quiet evening.

Our Home

We moved to our new home almost 6 years ago, we have 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room and a great big backyard. We can’t wait to build a swing set. We chose our neighborhood due to the excellent rated school district. We will support our child's decision in whatever path they choose as we will encourage them to follow their heart's desires.

We look forward to being great parents – We promise that with our love and support, your baby will grow to be a well-nurtured, well-loved and well-rounded person. It would be our pleasure and honor to be chosen as your newborn’s parents.

About Maria

Maria has two sisters. They, along with Maria's parents, can't wait to welcome our child into the family. Maria and her sisters enjoyed playing in their backyard, especially they loved their swing set! One of Maria's favorite childhood memories is the year that "Santa Claus" brought her, her first bicycle. She loved it so much that she still has it. She can't wait to experience the look on our child's face when we give him/her their first bicycle.

About John

John has a sister and two brothers. It was a lot of fun growing up with so many siblings. John's family can't wait to welcome our child into the family. John and his siblings especially enjoyed backyard family gatherings and especially swimming in their pool. One of John's favorite childhood memories is when his grandparents filled their freezer full of Good Humor Ice-cream treats. They enjoyed all the treats! He can't wait to make memories with our child.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


John & Maria

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John & Maria