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Oliver Turned 3!

Our sweet pup, Oliver, turned 3 on Valentine’s Day. We celebrated with lots of treats, a long walk and an extra scoop of kibbles for dinner :) Read more »

Ryan’s Back in School!

Ryan started a masters program 3 weeks ago. It’s 100% online and will help him learn skills he can use in his current role at work. He’s thought about attending graduate school for a while now but didn’t want to have to do an on campus program because it would take away so much time from our family. When he Read more »

Mastering Homemade Popcorn

Ryan and I Both really enjoy watching a movie now and then and also really enjoy the snacks to go along with movie watching :) So, I (Cara) have taken up popping popcorn! I haven’t quite mastered it yet but it’s fun and yummy! Read more »


We had an oddly warm start to the year here in Virginia but the cold has come and settled back in. My favorite seasons are spring and fall but I do enjoy that cold crisp air and one good snowfall so we can go outside and play! I recently discovered this chicken pot pie soup recipe and we’re all big fans! This is the second Read more »

Family Night Out

We like to get out of the house and find new and fun things to do as a family. We have to get creative in the winter when we’re forced to be indoors. We had such a fun time playing on the putting green and Russell caught on quickly! Ryan loves to play golf so I know he was loving teaching Russell :) Read more »

Happy New Year!

We hope this post finds you well! We had a low key New Year’s Eve at home and it was so nice and relaxing. We’ve had such mild weather recently we’ve been able to get a lot of playtime outside. It’s been nice to start out the new year with some fresh air! Read more »

Bathroom Renovation

We’re so close to finishing up our bathroom project. We’ve been doing a lot of the work ourselves and it’s been a great learning experience for both Ryan and myself. We’re so excited to have our tub back! We’ve had to bathe Russell in a mini tub in our bathroom while His bathroom has been renovated. Can’t wait to Read more »


Our sweet boy turned two! We had a bounce house inside since it was cold out and we all had fun jumping in. Russell loved opening his presents, it was good practice for Christmas :) I can’t believe our baby is 2! Man, how quickly time flies! Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving with Ryan’s side of the family this year. It was so nice and relaxing! We hope whoever is reading this was able to be around loved ones with a yummy meal to eat! Read more »


We went to a petting zoo this morning and saw the cutest silliest llama! Look at that smile! Read more »

Ryan and Russell

These two share such a special bond. I’ve loved watching Ryan grow as a father these past couple years. Russell talks about dada all day while Ryan is at work. Ryan comes home ready to play and have fun and Russell loves it!! Read more »

Cool Weather is Finally Here!

Here in VA we’ve had some oddly hot days recently. Needless to say we are thankful for today’s 62 degree weather! Perfectly timed for a trip to the mountains this weekend. I can’t wait to see the leaves turning, breathe in the fresh air and spend some quality time together! Read more »


Ryan and I played Yahtzee a couple nights ago. On his first turn he got a Yahtzee (5 of the same number if you’ve never played). On his second turn, I kid you not, he rolled 5 ones in ONE roll. Someone get this guy to Vegas ;) Read more »

Oh Sweet Fur Baby

We haven’t talked much about Oliver in a while. Oliver is our big, goofy, sweet goldendoodle. Oliver was born on Valentine’s Day and will be three next year. He LOVES to cuddle and play fetch and puts himself to bed around 9pm every night. He’s so gentle with Russell and we couldn’t imagine our family without him! In Read more »

So big!

Russell and I went to the park this morning and he all of a sudden seems like such a big boy to me! Going down the slide all by himself and climbing up the equipment so well! I know he’ll love teaching his little brother or sister how to do these things one day :) Read more »

Zoo Visit!

We took our son to the zoo for the first time last weekend and we had such a wonderful time! Not only did we get to see some really cool animals (and got to feed giraffes!) but I had a moment where I was just in awe of the gift our son is to us. I always anticipated trips like this one, being able to take my child to the zoo Read more »

Ryan’s 30th!!

We just went away for the weekend to celebrate Ryan’s 30th with some of our best friends! We had such a good time. Grammy and Grampy kept Russell for the weekend and they had so much fun going to the park and a petting zoo :) Here’s a picture of the birthday boy and his bestie! Read more »

So Close!

We love taking Russell to the park and watching him explore and run around. Russell loves basketballs, soccer balls, well any kind of ball really! We take him to this park that has basketball courts right beside it and he will stand there and watch people shoot. Here’s a picture of Ryan and Russell’s attempt to Read more »

The New Baby’s Nursery

When Ryan and I starting feeling a desire to add a second child to our family we jumped into the homestudy process. When we were getting close to being finished with our homestudy we started working on the nursery. When we were waiting for our son we did the same, we cleared a room and started adding things here and there. Read more »

Our 2nd Adoption Journey

Hi and welcome to our page! Thanks for taking the time to read about our little family. We adopted our son and matched through a couple years ago so you’ll notice some of our older stories. We’re going to leave them just in case they help you to get to know us too. For now, I’ll leave you with this awesome Read more »

Oliver Update

Just letting you know Oliver is growing and healthy, despite all the socks he’s eaten :) It has been over a week since his last offense! Yay! Read more »

Hockey Game!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year! Well spent time with family and even got to go to Cara’s first professional hockey game! Read more »

Our Newest Nephew!

Ryan and l had the pleasure of meeting our sweet nephew who came into the world today! We got to snuggle with him for 2 hours and it was such a treat! Here’s a cute picture of sweet baby boy and a beaming proud uncle ;) Read more »

Visiting a Neighbor

We moved a few months ago and promised our neighbor we could come visit. His birthday was last week so we took him by some sweet treats (he loves his sweets!). We ran into a couple of our former neighbors while visiting which was such an added bonus! We had many porch conversations with this man and he is so dear to Read more »

One of our Favorite Little Ones

Ryan and I had the pleasure of babysitting for our friends little girl. She’s going to be walking any day now and we were helping her practice and wanted to share the cuteness! Read more »

3 Wonderful Years

Ryan and I recently celebrated 3 years of marriage. We had such a great night. Ryan brought dinner home after work, we exchanged gifts, had dessert, and went to a barcade! We played some of our favorite arcade games from the 80s and 90s. We had a blast and just reminisced on the last 3 years and spent time praying for the Read more »

Family Weekend Getaway!

We had such a great time with our family this weekend! We talked, played games, roasted marshmallows for s’mores, and just enjoyed each other! We had a full house and our hearts are full heading back home today! Here’s a picture of all of us this weekend (Cara’s Immediate family ) Read more »

A Lodge for the Weekend!

We’re staying at a lodge with all of Cara’s immediate family for the weekend. There are 18 of us total and one more baby will be born in 4 weeks! It’s loud and crazy but super fun :) We brought all of our best board games and can’t wait for lots of laughs. Pictures to come! Read more »

More Painting and Some Wonderful People

If you’ve followed our stories you may have read about us painting some rooms in our house we moved into several months ago. We decided to paint the trim that was all wood white. This is a big job but one we felt was worth it because it brightens the house up SO much! Ryan and I had slowly been getting some painting done, Read more »

Surprise Trip to Disney!

We decided a couple days ago we’re going to Florida next week! This is our first spur of the moment big trip. We’ve usually planned our trips months in advance so I’m liking the spontaneity of this. We had to move quite a few things around and find someone to keep Oliver but it’s all coming together and we’re so Read more »

One of Those Days

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you constantly take one step forward and two steps back? Nothing crazy happened, but it was just little things here and there all day that tested my (Cara’s) patience and attitude. A verse has been ringing in my head tonight as I have been reflecting on my day… 1 Read more »

A Friend’s Wedding

This past weekend Cara was in a wedding for one of her closest friends. The wedding was at 10am so Cara was up bright and early to get her hair and makeup done! The couple that got married had been dating long distance for two years the the wedding day was long awaited and so special to see how God has brought them together Read more »

Saturday Morning Activities

Our little family had a full Saturday. First we had a little home-cooked breakfast. Then we took a drive to the river and we found a little trail to hike on. Soon after that, we figured out that there was a farmers market just around the corner!! We attempted to take Oliver our dog. He was a handful. He wanted to smell Read more »

The Painting Day

Today was the day for painting! In our new house we knew it was only a matter of time before we had to put some of our own flavor into the look. First move. Paint! We made a quick trip Lowe’s, picked a color and headed on home! The day was a pretty standard paint day as we teamed up and got the job done pretty quick. Read more »

Cara’s Dream

l had a dream this morning that we were matched with grandparents who were placing their granddaughter for adoption. It was amazing how intense the emotions were in this dream, how Ryan and I and our family immediately loved this child. I had so many questions about this baby girl and birth mama and how we could connect with Read more »

New York City | Part 2

Our last full day in New York was much slower than the first. We had a nice breakfast and then headed to Macy’s. We walked around quite a bit and then went on a cruise around the city. We got the best views and had an awesome 84ish year old man as our tour guide. He was hilarious and we very much enjoyed his sense of humor. Read more »

New York City

We’re in New York City with Ryan’s parents this weekend. We came with them earlier this year and it was Ryan and his mom’s first time coming to NYC. Ryan’s Mom fell in love with the city and decided she wanted to see it in every season so here we are again! Yesterday we went to Central Park, walked across the Brooklyn Read more »

Golfing on a Thursday Night

Ryan here, writing a line on my golfing trip this week! Golfing is one of my favorite things to do when I need to get out and enjoy the weather. It’s a sport that you can take in beautiful sights and brag about the 1 or 2 shots that night you feel like a Pro! That night I only got 9 holes in but it was plenty for me. Had Read more »

Oliver ate Another Sock

I’ve never had a dog that likes to eat things quite as much as Oliver. Last night I pulled the laundry out of the dryer and put it on a chair to fold and left the room for about 30 seconds. When I came back, one sock was missing…palm to forehead. This will be the 4th sock he has eaten. Here’s hoping it makes Read more »

The Chill in the Air

How is it Fall already? This year has flown by, but at the same time gone by so slow. Do you know what I mean? Ryan and I went for a bike ride tonight and the chill in the air was just what we needed to end a full day. So many things on my mind today as I reflect on those who lost their lives on 9/11. Thinking about and Read more »

Weekend in the Mountains

We’re away for the weekend with friends and having a great time! It’s that time of year when we’re out of town for four weekends in a row which is tiring but so much fun! I definitely don’t mind being away from home when the views are this beautiful. The leaves are starting to change and the crisp air that comes with Read more »

The One with the First Date

Ryan asked me on our first date after we played a game of tennis together. Ryan, to this day, thinks that I hesitated to think over my answer, but I’ve assured him many times that I was just taking a moment to calm myself so I didn’t blush! I was very excited he asked me out and I was really excited for our date. Read more »

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